Are you interested in joining us? We're looking for actors, writers, directors, and techies who want to tell original stories, collaborate with each other, and express themselves! There's absolutely no experience necessary, so if you're even remotely curious, we encourage you to just come audition! Sign up for a time-slot in the link below:



Do you like to act and express yourself on stage? This is your chance to get in the spotlight and perform! LCC puts on a show every quarter, and you'll get to be the one to bring the stories to life! This is your chance to be a princess, a bum, a horny teenager, and/or a wizard.
Everything starts with writing. Without writers, actors and directors will have nothing to work with. In LCC, we only produce original scripts we write ourselves. Have a story to tell? Here's your chance to get it produced and seen by hundreds of people!
Hm, not sure if that's a real word, but if you've ever looked at "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" and thought "that's so cool!", here's your chance to do it on stage. Improv comedy is fun, so if you can be spontaneous and think on your feet, this is perfect for you!
Though LCC focuses mostly on stage productions, we've also produced and shown many videos during our shows. Let's face it: some stories are better told on stage while others are better in film. We are looking for people that like to tell stories through film as well.
We always need people that have a good eye (or better yet, a lot of good eyes) for usage of stage space, lighting, props, and costumes. Decorating your room with curtains is nice. Making the stage look good? That's even better because lots of people are going to see it!
Do you sing? That's handy when we put on musicals. Do you dance? We've done many scenes with choreography. Do you puppeteer? We've created puppet shows as well. Do you juggle? We just might write a role about jugglers someday. Can you imitate the cry of a dying giraffe? We've also needed people to play monsters and animals in different scenes. Who knows? Many random talents have made it into shows in the past.
When the cast has fun, the audience can feel it and have fun too. We've found that many people that made it into the group are usually the people that had fun during their auditions. If you simply want to help out and have fun doing stage stuff, this might just be the thing you are looking for! (Of course, fun and all, you need to be professional too.)

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