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Winter 2021: Give Me Space
Written by: Patrick Zhang
Directed by: Minu Choi, Immanuel Ibon
Toad: Buddy Al-Aydi
Phillip: Marvin Araiza
Boat: Billie Chang
Mr. E: Minu Choi
Tim: Immanuel Ibon
Woman: Sara Lakamsani
Jellyfish: Tiffany Lu
The Handjob Ghost : Tanesha Le
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Editor: Minu Choi
Editor: Immanuel Ibon
Assistant Editor: Billie Chang
Summary: A diverse cast of characters fights for humanity through cacophonous storms, engendering new conceptualizations of what “togetherness” means.

Sometimes, the Heart Yearns
Written by: Kyle Mendiola
Directed by: Matt Alcedo, Alyssa Fong
PJ: Mei Tam
Ken: Patrick Zhang
Prez: Noela Seung
Veeps: Tanesha Le
Rich Asshole: Minu Choi
Pops: Kyle Mendiola
Bus Announcer: Alyssa Fong
Summary: A 1.5-gen goes on retreat with her Asian-American college organization and struggles to feel at home in the world.

Both My Parents
Written by: Jade Lacy, April Peng
Directed by: Victoria Wang, Lanijah Williams
Jiaqi: Stephanie Zhang
Ren: Kira Hum
Therapist: Stacy Carlos
Jordan: Nikhil Havanur
Makaila: Osama Omorogieva
Xiao-Rong: Gergio Ricacho
Hana: Christabelle Junaidi
Xiao-Yan: Joshua Flancer
Lin: Emily Pitcher
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Editor: Jade Lacy
Editor: April Peng
Assistant Editor: Audrey Lai
Assistant Editor: Vivian Xu
Summary: A DUI and falling grades send Jiaqi to therapy, where she begins to unravel the impact of her father's death on her and her mother's relationship.

Galaxy's Brink
Written by: David Bakalov, Anish Vishwakoti
Directed by: Dylan Djoenadi, Mei Tam
Jileon: Isabella Edrada
Artez Polo: Ruben Lugo
Aunt Kollie: Myra Zingg
Yokr Blin/Officer Jock: Matt Alcedo
Rick: Kyle Mendiola
Big Marlo: Raydon Padua
Goonther & Goonjab: Dylan Djoenadi
Kilrod: Jade Lacy
Aris: Mei Tam
Lazor: Lakshita Vij
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Editor: Tiffany Hue
Editor: Aija Le
Assistant Editor: Lakshita Vij
Assistant Editor: Anish Vishwakoti
Summary: A barely competent space traffic control room attendant gets caught up in the middle of some galactic criminal hijinks.

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