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Spring 2020: Lapu's Pocket Theatre
The Fan Page
Written by: Bea Cuenco
Directed by: Lanijah Williams, Jung Park
Bernadette: April Peng
Charlie: John Jacob
Andrew: Evan Lee
Catherine: Akila Rajesh
Piper: Melissa Francikiewicz
Miss Stefani: Hannah Hayes
Emma: Mei Tam
Roger: Joshua Flancer
Paige: Aija Le
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Editor: David Bakalov
Editor: Ruben Lugo
Editor: Matt Alcedo
Summary: Love-struck high school senior, Bernadette, has been pining for her classmate Andrew ever since freshman year, but never felt confident enough to tell him how she feels. When a spur-of-the-moment decision causes her to make an anonymous, online fan account of Andrew, she is propelled on a collision course towards love, conflict, and the realization that maybe poetry just isn’t her forte.

Dion Majabe
Written by: Patrick Zhang
Directed by: Jorine Raymundo, Tiffany Lu
Dion Majabe: Eddie Hu
Jahnav: Ruben Lugo
Amala: Tanesha Le
Cha: Heather Moylan
Narrator: Alex Croce
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Editor: Heather Moylan
Summary: Famous poet Dion Majabe has lost all he loves as a result of war. After assassinating the king, he is thrown in jail to await his execution, whereupon he meets Jahnav, a man sent to jail 20 years prior for trying to help his sons avoid the draft. As he converses with Jahnav, Dion reflects upon his past as he prepares to face his seemingly bleak future.

Other Motives
Written by: Jorine Raymundo
Directed by: Jade Lacy, Patrick Zhang
Detective Lee: Kay Kim
Krissy: Nia McClinton
Luke: Phillip Leung
Jade: Osama Omorogieva
Seth: Darica Louie
Joey: Hector Claros
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Editor: Ruben Lugo
Editor: Patrick Zhang
Summary: Krissy's husband's death was ruled as an accident -- but she doesn't believe that. When no one else believes her suspicions, she decides to take matters into her own hands and investigate the cause of her husband’s death through a dinner with her husband's family and best friend.

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