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Fall 2018: Ghost Hustlers
Lovely Ghost
Written by: Vivi Le
Directed by: Vivi Le, Darica Louie
Chao-Yi: Darica Louie
Foon: Arielle Bagood
Mrs. Fong: Yen Dinh
Kai-Wen: Alex Croce

Stale Pop Culture Reference (sketch)
Written by: Melissa Peng
Directed by: Melissa Peng
John: Hector Claros
Kiki: Darica Louie

Vlogger (sketch)
Written by: Akila Rajesh
Directed by: Melissa Peng
Jazzy Jess: Valerie Yu
Tom: Josh Castillo
Vi: Vivi Le

Breath of a Salesman
Written by: Anish Vishwakoti
Directed by: Akila Rajesh, Margaret Holscher
Chael Dale: Hector Claros
Faber Crawley: Brendan Larson
Thing 1: Margaret Holscher
Thing 2: Nia McClinton
Frat bro: Vanessa Valenti

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