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Spring 2018: Lay Low and Stitch
Black Goose
Written by: Akila Rajesh, Brendan Larson
Directed by: Cameron Coulter, Serena Chandler
Narrator: Valerie Yu
Mr. Hendricks: Alex Croce
Scarlet: Crystal Tan
Chad: Brendan Larson
Frank: Ayush Lall
Betty: Lauren Vincent
Spider 1: Cameron Coulter
Spider 2 : Serena Chandler
Summary: Young lovers Chad and Scarlett run into the problem that all burgeoning couples face as Scarlett decides to introduce Chad to her parents. As you can imagine, terror and conflict ensue and we travel through the scene with a guiding narrator & his trusty Owl, Mr. Hendricks, in search of MURDER!

Written by: Julianna Remo
Directed by: Elijah T. Lang, Vivi Le
Juno: Julianna Remo
Grace: Akila Rajesh
Ezra: Eddie Hu
Myrna: Annika Karody
Ernesto: Hector Claros
Lola: Nia McClinton
Summary: After the passing of Juno’s aunt, Luna, Juno and Luna’s partner Grace have to endure all the tension and pain that comes with a funeral. While there, Juno & Grace are tested by Luna’s Filipino family and their disapproval of who Luna is as a transgender woman.

A Cute Condition
Written by: Cameron Coulter
Directed by: Arielle Bagood, Darica Louie
Sam: Drew Tran
Jodine: Mary Jo Desilva
Camilla: Sesha Brown
Gigi: Margaret Holscher
Penelope: Lisa Kahn
Amy: Mei Tam
Kevin: Zihan Jiang
Billiam: Anish Vishwakoti
Socialite: Yen Dinh
Socialite: Maret Marcin
Socialite: Arielle Bagood
Socialite: Darica Louie
~Miscellaneous Crew~
music: Darica Louie
music: Margaret Holscher
Summary: Sam is a hopeful fashion designer who has had to suppress his love for fashion due to the demands of Asian parents who hope he will become a doctor. Along with his loyal friend Jodine from Manhattan, he must try to sing, dance, sew & STITCH his way to an internship with famed fashion designer Gigi Napoopoo.

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