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Fall 2017: GREAT SCOTT! and Other Above-Average People
Written by: Julianna Remo
Directed by: Elijah T. Lang, Vivi Le
Sana: Julianna Remo
Nessa: Margaret Holscher
Georgie: Ayush Lall
Damien: Darica Louie

Oh My God
Written by: Margaret Holscher
Directed by: Drew Tran, CC Bartels
God: Keegan Hawkins
Lydia: Lauren Vincent
Molly: Mary Jo Desilva
Assorted Roles: Cameron Coulter
Assorted Roles: Drew Tran
Assorted Roles: CC Bartels

Seoul Occupant
Written by: Cameron Coulter
Directed by: Arielle Bagood, Kady Le
Sun Ja: Melissa Peng
Lyndon: Laze Huang
Grace: Ashley Rous
Rebecca: Pallavi Samodia

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