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Spring 2014: Lonely Lovers and Lovely Loners
Good Mourning
Written by: Ken Rudnick, Taylor Erickson
Directed by: Matthew Marquez
Assistant directed by: Ken Rudnick
Raven: Mia Risberg
Millie: Linda Fernandes
Roger: Ken Rudnick
Sam: Miles Mistler
Rosemary: Laurie Ou

The Trials of Eros
Written by: Ivy Dang, Taylor Vickery
Directed by: Sabrina Jiang
Assistant directed by: Danny Ma
Cupid: Stephen Luu
Judge 1: Nathan Guzik
Judge 2: Ivy Dang
Man: Danny Ma
Woman: Laurie Ou
Ex 1: Sabrina Jiang
Ex 2: Yuuki Yamagiwa

Lonely Hearts Club
Written by: Melanie Dalby
Directed by: Melanie Dalby, Mark Quintos
Mariah: Melanie Dalby
Jayne: Tina Ngo
Dean: Mark Quintos
Cas: Christopher Saechao
Lisbeth: Natalie Yip
Charlie: John Phan

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