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Winter 2013: Actors, Vampires & Other Cold-Blooded Creatures
Intro Video
Directed by: Christopher Saechao, Mark Quintos, Yalda Mostajeran
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Editor: Yalda Mostajeran

Saigon Souffle
Written by: Wahid Chowdhury
Directed by: Grace Lau
Assistant directed by: Omar Nazarkhan
Elaine: Melanie Dalby
Ranger: Tristan Joseph
Ginger: Sabrina Jiang
Peter: Danny Ma
Le Samourai: Christopher Saechao
Ensemble: Mark Quintos
Ensemble: Omar Nazarkhan
Ensemble: Matthew Marquez
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Editor: Grace Lau
Editor: Omar Nazarkhan
Editor: Melanie Dalby
Editor: Danny Ma
Hair/Make-up/Costumes: Enid Zhou
Hair/Make-up/Costumes: Sabrina Jiang
Hair/Make-Up: Suzanna Tran
Hair/Make-up/Costumes: Grace Lau

Parry Hardwood Plays His Part
Written by: Phoebe Singer
Directed by: Ivy Dang
Assistant directed by: Mark Quintos
Parry Hardwood: Andrew Hahn
Troy: Keith Mertan
Melinda: Yalda Mostajeran
Woman: Suzanna Tran
Ensemble: Mark Quintos
Ensemble: Mike Bedard
Ensemble: Grace Lau
Ensemble: Matthew Marquez

The Vampire Hunter
Written by: Mike Bedard
Directed by: Mike Bedard
Assistant directed by: Matthew Marquez
Turtleneck Jones: John Phan
Dale: Stephen Luu
Calista: Enid Zhou
Mephistaphu: Brian Trinh
Ariadne: Phoebe Singer
Mugsy: Anthony Phan
Juniper: Yuuki Yamagiwa
Time Cat: Mike Bedard
Ensemble: Melanie Dalby
Ensemble: Grace Lau
Ensemble: Suzanna Tran
Ensemble: Tristan Joseph
Ensemble: Mark Quintos
Ensemble: Matthew Marquez
~Miscellaneous Crew~
"Time Cat Theme Song" (lyrics): Mike Bedard
"Time Cat Theme Song" (music): Matthew Marquez
Music Editor: Anthony Phan

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