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Spring 2012: Proceed With Caution
Intro Video
Directed by: Rachelle Wong
Summary: "Box on box on box."

Insomniacs Anonymous
Written by: Suzanna Tran
Directed by: Suzanna Tran, Brian Teng
Florida: Val Chepurny
Alex: Omar Nazarkhan
Rebecca: Enid Zhou
Mandel: Wesley Cheng
Bridey: Suzanna Tran

Written by: Mike Bedard
Directed by: Mike Bedard
Assistant directed by: Linda Fernandes
Justice: Taylor Vickery
Savage: Ivy Dang
Doctor: Alice Twu
Young Justice: Mark Quintos
Mother: Rachelle Wong
Landlord: John Le
Senator: Anthony Phan
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Hair/Makeup (Savage): Enid Zhou
Hair/Makeup (Savage): Linda Fernandes
Costumes (Masks): Rachelle Wong
Costumes (Savage): Enid Zhou
Summary: "A dark and gritty hero for a dark and gritty world."

Now What?
Written by: Amy Lettau, Christopher Reed
Directed by: Amy Lettau
Mom: Melanie Dalby
Dad: Wahid Chowdhury
Jonah: Justin Sabino
Zoe: Yannan Shi
Owen: Matthew Marquez
Alex: Kim Xiong
Charlotte: Grace Lau
Ensemble: Linda Fernandes
Ensemble: Mark Quintos
Ensemble: Enid Zhou
Ensemble: Omar Nazarkhan
Ensemble: Taylor Vickery
Ensemble: Ivy Dang
Ensemble: Rachelle Wong
Ensemble: Mike Bedard
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Engineered and Recorded by: Handsome Rob
Costumes: Amy Lettau

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