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Fall 2011: Pieced Together
Intro Video
Directed by: Rachelle Wong
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Crew: Linda Fernandes

Written by: Rachelle Wong
Directed by: Rachelle Wong
Assistant directed by: Yalda Mostajeran
Rose Cog: Yalda Mostajeran
Beau Roman: Val Chepurny
Art Citch: Brian Teng
Tetris Piece of Due Dates Past: Enid Zhou
Tetris Piece of Due Dates Present: Wahid Chowdhury
Tetris Piece of Due Dates Yet to Come: Yannan Shi
Mel Ray: Yannan Shi
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Costumes: Enid Zhou
Costumes: Yannan Shi
Props: Val Chepurny
Set: Val Chepurny

Behind the Scenes
Written by: Amy Lettau
Directed by: Amy Lettau
Assistant directed by: Linda Fernandes
Ms. S: Linda Fernandes
Emily: Kim Xiong
Mark: Taylor Vickery
A.J.: John Le
Gina: Ivy Dang

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