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Winter 2011: Epic F.A.I.L.: Forgotten and Ill-Placed Love
Intro Video
Written by: Angela Vesagas
Directed by: Angela Vesagas
Summary: An introduction of some pretty epic fails.

Russian Reversal
Written by: Jerry Fang, Mylo Lam
Directed by: Jerry Fang, Mylo Lam
Himself: Jerry Fang
Himself: Mylo Lam
Dirty Hoe: Angela Vesagas
Summary: You are watching this sketch...or is it watching you?

Hanging On
Written by: Taylor Vickery
Directed by: Jerry Fang
Assistant directed by: Miles Gantney
Rick: Vikram Reddy
Jess: Linda Fernandes
Staci: Jeannette Chi
Nate: Miles Gantney
Rick: Wahid Chowdhury
Jess: Kathleen Tenefrancia
Doctor: Mylo Lam
Jess: Yannan Shi
Summary: "All we've felt is fear. All we can do is lie, implicitly agree to pretend, tell each other that we'll be okay, but we know we won't be. We will though; I'll make sure of it. I promise. Tomorrow, someday..."

Café Story
Written by: Yannan Shi
Directed by: Angela Vesagas
Assistant directed by: John Le
Ann: Ivy Dang
Guy: Josh Nash
Lisa: Rachelle Wong
Chris: John Le
Amber: Clara Sao
Kristina: Enid Zhou
Joe: Justin Sabino
Jen: Kim Xiong
Gabe: Wesley Cheng
Summary: One day, one café, and nine different people.

Vocal Vengeance
Written by: Rachelle Wong
Directed by: Trinh Tran
Assistant directed by: Taylor Vickery
Harmony: Maria Luna
Wendy: Yalda Mostajeran
Natasha: Amy Lettau
Mr. Vlad: Val Chepurny
Mr. Chavelier: Taylor Vickery
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Modern Dance Choreographer: Melody Vo
Hip Hop Choreographer: Justin Sabino
Summary: "Introducing Unicorn Man in his most recent feat of striking vocal vengeance with the help of a timid high school girl. Together, their combined acrobatic powers prove triumphant as they battle She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named!"

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