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Spring 2010: Textual Healing
The Fairy Godmother Agency
Written by: Yannan Shi
Directed by: Taylor Vickery
Penny: Jessie Pham
Plum: Julie Hoang
Joy: Tiffany Chen
Fabio: Sam Lieberstein
Voice: Anthony Tran

Written by: Angelica Bato
Directed by: Mylo Lam
Alyssa: NamGiao Do
Pete: Patrick Glenn
Carrie: Angela Vesagas
Dominic: Apollo Blackwood
Ronnie: Alice Glass
Justin: Tobit Raphael Capati

Score of My Life
Written by: Jerry Fang, Trinh Tran
Directed by: Jerry Fang
Assistant directed by: Trinh Tran, Vanessa Yeh
Guy: Simon Wiscombe
Roommate: Patrick Glenn
Performer: Trinh Tran
Performer: Jerry Fang
Performer: Anthony Tran
Performer: Angela Vesagas
Performer: Melody Vo
Performer: Jessie Pham
Performer: Mylo Lam
Performer: Angelica Bato
Performer: Julie Hoang
Performer: Wesley Cheng
Performer: Yannan Shi
Performer: Taylor Vickery
Performer: Clara Sao
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Producer: Vanessa Yeh
Production Assistant: Apollo Blackwood
Production Assistant: Trinh Tran
Production Assistant: Jerry Fang

Written by: Vanessa Yeh
Directed by: Yannan Shi
Assistant directed by: Wesley Cheng
Jonathan: Rich Yap
Nick: Calvin Cheng
Spirit 1: Michelle Tang
Spirit 2: Wesley Cheng
Spirit 3: Jerry Fang

Written by: Mylo Lam, Tiffany Chen
Directed by: Anthony Tran
Kayleigh: Angelica Bato
Burlesque Girl 1: Vanessa Yeh
Burlesque Girl 2: Melody Vo
Burlesque Girl 3: Trinh Tran
Michael: Brian Teng
Father Joseph: Justin Sabino
Chris: Val Chepurny
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Costumes: Anthony Tran

Intro Video
Directed by: Patrick Glenn

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