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Spring 2009: The Sweet Escape
Intro Video
Written by: Yannan Shi, Tiffany Chen
Directed by: Tiffany Chen, Yannan Shi
Summary: Introducing the sweet cast of LCC's show "The Sweet Escape"

Sweet and Sour Lemonade
Written by: Bryan Nam
Directed by: Peter Ngaou
Assistant directed by: Julie Hoang
Truman: Alex Tran
Terf: David Mori
Jess: Angelica Bato
Lars: Tobit Raphael Capati
Jip: Calvin Cheng
Meg: Julie Hoang
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Costumes: Angelica Bato
Costumes: Peter Ngaou
Summary: Kids aren't as innocent as you think when they enter the harsh corporate world of lemonade selling.

Exit Signs
Written by: Angelica Bato
Directed by: Vanessa Yeh
Assistant directed by: Trinh Tran
June: Tina De Giso
Shawn: Jerry Fang
Patti: Trinh Tran
Joe: Peter Ngaou
Candy: Nicole Barbero
Father Jude: Mylo Lam
Chuck: Miles Gantney
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Costumes: Anthony Tran
Summary: "Baby, June can take you in- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week"

Stereotype Me
Written by: Jerry Fang
Directed by: Jerry Fang
Assistant directed by: Vanessa Yeh
Math Major: Mylo Lam
Chinky Eyes: Bryan Nam
Karate Kid: David Mori
Bad Driver: Tiffany Chen
Asian Girl: Yannan Shi
Geisha: Michelle Tang
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Producer: Vanessa Yeh
Summary: A short film that looks at the ways we are portrayed and the inner strength that we all have to break free from a world full of labels and stereotypes.

Old Radio
Written by: Tobit Raphael Capati
Directed by: Nhi Hong
Assistant directed by: Taylor Vickery
Mitchell: Simon Wiscombe
Angelo: Bryan Nam
50's Jackie: Elaine Chen
80's Jackie: Sherrie Yang
2008 Jackie: Janice Jann
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Costumes: Anthony Tran
Summary: A story of a young man's journey to confront the truth of the past he tried to forget.

Stinky and the Brain (Musical)
Written by: Mylo Lam, NamGiao Do, Janice Jann
Directed by: Apollo Blackwood
Assistant directed by: Yannan Shi
Virginia : Anisha Adusumilli
Shelby: Clara Sao
Evan Shulman: Angela Vesagas
Moldymort: Anthony Tran
Sherlock Homie: Patrick Glenn
CSO: Apollo Blackwood
Student: Jeannette Chi
Student: Michelle Tang
Student: Yannan Shi
Student: Niyati Mamtora
Student: Christina Figueroa
Student: NamGiao Do
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Original Music: Yunzhi Ou
Musical Arrangement: Apollo Blackwood
Musical Arrangement: Jerry Fang
Costumes: Anthony Tran
Summary: An original musical involving a meek librarian, storybook villains coming to life, and the all -important ability of accepting people as they are...smelly or not.

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