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Winter 2009: The Great Pretenders
Intro Video
Directed by: Vanessa Yeh, Mylo Lam

The Times They Are A-Changin'
Written by: NamGiao Do
Directed by: Angelica Bato
Assistant directed by: Kristy Choo
James: Patrick Glenn
Cassandra: Yannan Shi
Joan: Janice Jann
Dylan: Apollo Blackwood
Randall: Bryan Tran
Grandmother "Grams" Bootsy: Tiffany Chen

Writer's Block
Written by: Vanessa Yeh
Directed by: Vanessa Yeh
Performer: Mylo Lam
Performer: Taylor Vickery
Performer: Nicole Barbero
Performer: Julie Hoang
Performer: Derrick Sun
Performer: Jerry Fang
Summary: Music: "Grace Kelly" by Mika

Just Fartsy
Written by: Nhi Hong
Directed by: Tobit Raphael Capati
Assistant directed by: Nicole Barbero
Rich: Evan Shulman
Julia: NamGiao Do
Samson: Alex Tran
Star: Sherrie Yang
Ernie: Peter Ngaou
Indigo: Michelle Tang
Summary: A battle for conformity. A quest for art. A pineapple.

Written by: Apollo Blackwood, Tobit Raphael Capati, Nhi Hong
Directed by: Angelica Bato
Hennessy: Nhi Hong
Ace: Apollo Blackwood
Bot: Tobit Raphael Capati
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Hair/Make-up: Angelica Bato
Costumes: Anthony Tran
Summary: iParty by Hangover Song written and performed by Nhi Hong, Tobit Capati, and Apollo Blackwood

Take Two
Written by: Angelica Bato
Directed by: Jerry Fang, Vanessa Yeh
Steven Brown: Miles Gantney
Josie Saulders: Jeannette Chi
Sherri Wallace: Julie Hoang
Nana Carol: Angela Vesagas
Peter Rambo/ Peteris/ Man 1: Taylor Vickery
Mr. W. / George: Mylo Lam
Caroline/ Woman 1: Nicole Barbero
Nurse 1/ Jennifer/ Woman 2: Tina De Giso
Guard 1/ Doctor/ Man 2: Simon Wiscombe
Summary: Steven is an aspiring writer whose creative tank is running on empty. In a studio littered with trash, self-pity, and painfully bad script ideas, he knows that his future as a successful screenwriter is further chipped away every time his unimpressed agent tosses his work aside. The plots? Contrived. The characters? Laughable. Steven's life is going nowhere, and every script attempt screams amateur,. With the pressure mounting from both his scornful agent and his own expectations, Steven loses hope of ever becoming the success he dreams of. Perhaps it will take something greater to breathe new life into his career and show him that there is something more to live for.

The Westwood Action Tribunal (T.W.A.T.)
Written by: Peter Ngaou
Directed by: Clara Sao
Assistant directed by: Anthony Tran
Rosa: Trinh Tran
The Fifth Titanic Czarina of Handsomeness&Emotions: Calvin Cheng
Thunder Fist: Niyati Mamtora
Fashi: Anthony Tran
Onista: Christina Figueroa
Doctor Nemesis: Bryan Nam
Report Vijay J. Saltwater: Derrick Sun
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Costumes: Anthony Tran
Sound Editing: Simon Wiscombe

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