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Fall 2008: A Clockwork ________: A Show About Time
Keeping Time
Written by: Angelica Bato
Directed by: Elaine Chen
Katrina: Clara Sao
Greg: Shane Billings
Jamie: Anisha Adusumilli
Jonathan: Conroy Gibson
Time: Vanessa Yeh
Summary: Will Katrina's demons isolate her from the people she loves? Or does she need a little supernatural intervention? Only Time will tell literally.

The Bomb Squad
Written by: Conroy Gibson, Clara Sao, Simon Wiscombe
Cameron: Clara Sao
Mark: Simon Wiscombe
Chad: Conroy Gibson
Summary: The results of the Bomb Squad Exam are in, and with these failures in one room, things could get explosive...

E-Z Ctrl - Z
Written by: Jerry Fang, Apollo Blackwood
Directed by: Jerry Fang, Apollo Blackwood
Himself: Jerry Fang
Roommate: Apollo Blackwood
Annoying Girlfriend: Vanessa Yeh
Stranger: Tobit Raphael Capati
Skank: Angela Vesagas
Summary: Ever have secret desires to do things that result in unfavorable consequences? if you've ever unintentionally (or intentionally) messed up and wished that you could undo your actions, buy our new e-z control-z alarm clock! it's easier than 1-2-3!

My Ithaca
Written by: Nhi Hong
Directed by: Apollo Blackwood
Tammy: Nicole Barbero
Timmy: Anthony Tran
Mary: Nhi Hong
Mayor Richard Warner: Evan Shulman
Samuel Matthews: Jerry Fang
Rebecca Matthews: Angelica Bato
Beatrice Matthews: Julie Hoang
Paul Withers: Simon Wiscombe
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Costumes: Anthony Tran
Summary: At the height of Ithaca, New York’s success, Paul Wither’s was commissioned to build a clock tower as symbol of their triumph. It is now 1911, ten years later and things have changed. The clock tower still isn’t complete and people have lost faith, dreams have been shattered and relationships destroyed. With the completion of this tower drawing near, can Paul mend time and restore hope?

Second Chance
Written by: Jerry Fang
Directed by: Nicole Barbero
Assistant directed by: Karen Leano
Lauren: Karen Leano
Amanda: Angela Vesagas
Tim: Kevin Chan
Mandy: Angelica Bato
Timothy: Peter Ngaou

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