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Spring 2008: Arrivals and Departures
Lapu Airlines
Written by: Julie Hoang
Flight Attendant: Nicole Barbero
Flight Attendant: Janice Jann
Summary: Flight attendants give preshow flight instructions to prepare the audience before the show takes off. So turn off your cell phones and fasten your seatbelts... what's that? Whoops. No seat belts in the auditorium due to budget cuts... well enjoy your trip!

Intro Video: Arrivals and Departures
Directed by: Mandel Lum, Apollo Blackwood
Summary: Our cast sure knows how to make an entrance! And an exit! (Not to mention a scene in between the two!)

An Airport Story
Written by: Peter Ngaou
Directed by: Janice Jann
Hau: Julie Hoang
Mom: Nhi Hong
Jimmy: Mylo Lam
Airline Attendant: Anisha Adusumilli
Airport Officer: Kevin Chan
Summary: Hau, her mother, and her autistic brother, Jimmy, are flying to Vietnam to visit her mother's homeland. However, it comes out that Hau has issues that have been eating at her for a long time. She has always been the "parent" in the family relationship because her mother was not able to communicate with others. Through a series of events, the mother takes her role as an adult when Hau cannot and reaffirms their family dynamic.

Written by: Mylo Lam
Directed by: Vanessa Yeh
Patrick: Mandel Lum
Paul: Mylo Lam
Tom: Tobit Raphael Capati
Ryan: NamGiao Do
Sam: Jerry Fang
Nathan: Peter Ngaou
Jane: Amy Gragera
Summary: A suite big enough for only two, room 2046 hosts three pairs of customers in only one night. And when you get two lonely people in one room, interesting events always ensue.

Rhinocerhorse: The Story of the Last Unicorn
Written by: Mandel Lum
Directed by: Mandel Lum
Rhinocerhorse/Unicorn: Kevin Kuo
Lion: Jonathan Crisman
Coyote: Julie Hoang
Liger: Clara Sao
Waspinator: Jerry Fang
Optimus Christ: Mylo Lam
DickCheneyTron: Mandel Lum
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Editor: Mandel Lum
Producer: Apollo Blackwood
Producer: Mandel Lum
Puppeteer: Jerry Fang
Puppeteer: Apollo Blackwood
Puppeteer: Mylo Lam
Puppeteer: Kevin Kuo
Summary: A social outcast, Rhinocerhorse, the freak child of a rhinoceros and a horse, discovers his place in life.

Written by: Janice Jann, Mandel Lum
Directed by: Nicole Barbero
Lila: Angela Vesagas
Quizmaster Frederique: Karen Leano
Gordon: Kevin Kuo
Jean: Catherine Manabat
Jeremy: Derrick Sun
Micheal: Shane Billings
Michelle: Elaine Chen
Summary: It’s S.A.T. day for Lila, Jean and Gordon, three teenage ghouls hoping to pass the Scary Assessment Test and become real ghosts who haunt mortals. The quizmaster puts the trio through a trial of tasks. However, when Lila fails to accomplish the final task, what will become of her?

Peter Pandering
Written by: Catherine Manabat
Directed by: Clara Sao, Simon Wiscombe
Peter Barrie: Apollo Blackwood
Captain Hook: Simon Wiscombe
Tinker Bell: Tina De Giso
Cindy R. Ella: Clara Sao
Mystery Girl/ Wendy: Angelica Bato
Slightly (Lost Boy ): Anthony Tran
Curly (Lost Boy ): Jonathan Crisman
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Costume Design: Anthony Tran
Summary: Peter wakes up in Ye Olde Pirates' Pub, unsure of what happened the night before. With the help of the bartender, Captain Hook, he tries to figure out: 1) Why is he wearing a green dress and 2) who is the mysterious girl he spent the whole night talking to?

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