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Winter 2008: I'm Feeling Lucky
LCC Backwards: Intro Video
Directed by: Mandel Lum
Summary: CCL skool taerg. Neve ni sdrawkcab.

Goldilocks vs. The Three Bears
Written by: Peter Ngaou
Directed by: Nhi Hong
Goldilocks: Julie Hoang
Little Bear: Jonathan Crisman
Mama Bear: Tina De Giso
Papa Bear: Anthony Tran
Judge Goose: Janice Jann
Little Miss Muffit: Christine Takaichi
Bailiff: Elaine Chen
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Costume Design: Anthony Tran
Summary: Goldilocks is on trial for breaking and entering into the Three Bears' home. Can she prove her innocence before Judge Mother Goose? Also, there's a drug ring involved.

15 Minute Test
Written by: Anisha Adusumilli, Mylo Lam
Directed by: Peter Ngaou
Lisa: Angela Vesagas
Omar: Shane Billings
Jade: Catherine Manabat
Mom: Karen Leano
Dad: Kevin Kuo
Josh: David Mori
Summary: In the 15 minutes ("15 minutes?! Really? That long?!") that it takes for Lisa to take her pregnancy test, she discovers the intricacies of life, love, and World of Warcraft.

Written by: Jonathan Crisman
Directed by: Mylo Lam
Frank Kincedence: Evan Shulman
Ann Weathers: NamGiao Do
Joey Tran: Jerry Fang
Mabel: Angelica Bato
Gus: Mandel Lum
Gretchen: Anisha Adusumilli

Written by: Evan Shulman
Directed by: Simon Wiscombe
Jack: Tobit Raphael Capati
Leslie: Clara Sao
Toni: Apollo Blackwood
Peese: Nicole Barbero
Googlernator: Simon Wiscombe
Albert: Kevin Chan
Dylan: Robbie Monsod
Summary: In the quest to save the world from the evil Googlernator (Terminator + Google), Peese travels back in time to warn the leader of the revolt, Jack Spencer, to defeat the Googlernator and his information censorship.

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