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Fall 2007: Enchant This!
Intro Video: Enchant This!
Cast: The Entire Cast
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Editor: Nhi Hong
Editor: Vanessa Yeh
Editing Assistance: Kevin Ung
Summary: A video introduction of the current cast.

Narration: A Bedtime Story
Written by: Anisha Adusumilli, Nhi Hong, Mylo Lam, Peter Ngaou, Vanessa Yeh
Suzie: Kristy Choo
Dad: Shane Billings
Summary: Daddy telling Suzie stories from a story book. This is an in-between scene transitional scene in between acts.

Pregnant Red Ridinghood
Written by: Winston Kwong, Clara Sao
Directed by: Amy Gragera
Assistant directed by: Mylo Lam
Ruby Ridinghood: Nhi Hong
Atilla the Hunter: Evan Shulman
Doctor Merlon: Mylo Lam
Harry the Wolf: Simon Wiscombe
Nurse: Karen Leano
Summary: Ruby Ridinghood is pregnant and goes to Dr. Merlon for a test. Fiance Atilla the Hunter and best friend Harry the Wolf comes along. The Dr. Merlon hints that the child might be the wolf's instead of Atilla's. Suspicions arise, the hunter and the wolf fight, and eventually, Ruby confesses to having sex with the wolf. The doctor then comments that he is merely joking and they take the joke too far.

A Fairy Tale
Written by: Shane Billings
Directed by: Kristy Choo
Assistant directed by: Lynn Chen
Nora: Vanessa Yeh
Cat: Lynn Chen
Izzie: Elaine Chen
Ezra: Peter Ngaou
Therapist: Amy Gragera
Summary: Nora is the only survivor of a car accident. However, she is not yet accepting it as reality. Her therapist suggests that she writes things to help her recover from the car accident. In her house, she meets her friends that she thinks are dead and another that she thinks is still alive. Through conversations, she realizes that all these friends who were all in the same car has already passed. The reality sinks in, as she writes a letter to her lost friends.

Wolf's Moon
Written by: Mylo Lam
Directed by: Anisha Adusumilli
Noke: Stephanie Trautwein
Rage: Derrick Sun
Baj: Kevin Chan
Duma: Catherine Manabat
Rem: Anisha Adusumilli
Izo: Mylo Lam
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Costume Design: Stephanie Trautwein
Summary: The wolves' existence are threatened by men. Besides the struggle to survive from the mankind, inner conflicts among the wolf pack also arises. Death. Treason. Dishonor. These are the sacrifices of survival.

We, the Sheeple
Written by: Evan Shulman, Nhi Hong
Directed by: Shane Billings
Assistant directed by: Clara Sao
Pig the Pigmy Elephant: Nicole Barbero
Greg the Wasp: David Mori
Newscaster: Jonathan Crisman
Roach the Cockroach: Winston Kwong
Cock the Cockroach: Clara Sao
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Makeup: Catherine Manabat
Summary: Pig the Pygmy Elephant is running against Greg the Swap for the president of Ewe-topia. Pig is the one with all the charm while Greg is the son of a past president and is trying to carry on a family tradition to make daddy proud. The cockroaches Cock and Roach are their campaign managers that's helping shape the candidates. Who will win the debate? The result is actually not determined by the speeches, but by the revelation of a big secret.

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