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Spring 2007: The Elephant Room
Intro Video: The Elephant Room
Directed by: Jonathan Crisman, Nhi Hong
Assistant directed by: Peter Ngaou, Evan Shulman
Cast: The Entire Cast
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Costume Design: Peter Ngaou
Costume Design: Vanessa Yeh
Costume Design: Nhi Hong
Summary: People with elephant parts on them are constantly rejected by regular human. Somehow all these people meet up, find each other, and all go to the Elephant Room together.

Cookie Mountain
Written by: Hoai Vuong
Directed by: Kimhouy Tong
Assistant directed by: Nhi Hong
Jimmy: Shane Billings
Greta: Anisha Adusumilli
Dad: Jonathan Crisman
Chris: Conroy Gibson
Summary: Two parallel stories occur. One is about Jimmy and Greta, two dead, young siblings who are still holding on to their sibling rivalry and jealousy, even in the afterlife. The other is about Chris and his dad. Dad is critical of the way Chris lives his life and decideds to swap their bodies, Freaky Friday-style, so that dad can do all the hard work himself. The two scenes intersect when Chris realizes that dad's behavior is a result of a nervous breakdown following the death of the two kids. The first scenario is possibly a dream, and the complete story ends in Cookie Mountain -- a dream land that the father used to tell his kids about. It's a happy ending, sort of.

P.S. 108 (spoken word)
Written by: Nicole Barbero
Student: Karen Leano
Student: Vanessa Yeh
Student: Nicole Barbero
Student: Shane Billings
Summary: Students of public schools are not heard by their teachers nowadays. In this spoken word piece, students speak up and express that they don't want much. They just want to be heard.

And Then
Written by: Yumi Sakugawa
Directed by: Kristy Choo
Assistant directed by: Mylo Lam
Larry: Winston Kwong
Grace: Janet Lo
Karen(Mom): Jennifer Sandel
Eric: Mylo Lam
Summary: Larry's mom keeps dragging him to weddings and hoping to set him up with nice girls. The only thing he doesn't know is that, Larry is gay. At a wedding, Larry meets Grace who is pregnant with her ex's child. The two shares many secrets and start to discuss the possibility of a sham marriage. They dance. At the end, Larry comes out to his mom.

The War Boy
Written by: Nhi Hong
Directed by: Simon Wiscombe
Assistant directed by: Stephanie Trautwein
Jill: Yumi Sakugawa
Ryane: Karen Leano
Ted: Derrick Sun
Marianne: Nicole Barbero
Daniel: Peter Ngaou
Abigail: Clara Sao
Neil: Kelvin Kao
Summary: Journalists Jill, Ted, and Ryane are making a documentary about the soldiers that've just returned home from fighting abroad. They interviews the family members of soldier Neil because he denied the interview. The family doesn't think Neil as broken up as Jill would like to portrait and the journalists get into an argument about presenting facts as it is, or spinning interviews to present a message that will be beneficial to the society.

Accent Elimination for Animals (puppet show)
Written by: Kelvin Kao
Directed by: Kelvin Kao
Professor (voice/puppeteer): Kelvin Kao
Professor (puppeteer): Scott Wen
Bobby (voice/puppeteer): Aki Murai
Moostifer (voice/puppeteer): Peter Ngaou
Ba-ba/Moo-moo/Snare (voice/puppeteer): Janet Lo
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Puppet construction: Kelvin Kao
Puppet construction: Janet Lo
Summary: Bobby and Moostifer goes to an accent elimination class to get rid of their animal accents. The professor fixes their accents using hypnosis. However, after the transformation, they realize that they miss their old accents. Eventually the professor realizes that accents are part of their identities too. He changes their accents back, along with his own.

Written by: Kelvin Kao
Directed by: Aki Murai
Boss: Tina Diep
Accountant: Olivia Cuarteron
Secretary: Hoai Vuong
Ninja: Scott Wen
Lion: Aki Murai
Flaming Ant: Evan Shulman
Flaming Ant: Keye Chen
Flaming Ant: Anisha Adusumilli
Writer: Kelvin Kao
Summary: The Boss, the Accountant, the Secretary goes on a safari as a team-building exercise recommended by a management book. Lost and without resources, they use the magical teapot that comes with the book as the last resort. The teapot summons a ninja to help him, but this most useless ninja in the world keeps creating more problems. In the end, the group stick together as a team and overcome the obstacles including the useless ninja.

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