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Winter 2007: Apocalypse Later
Paul and Tom
Written by: Mylo Lam
Paul: Omar Hajji
Tom: Mylo Lam
Summary: Short sketches of conversations between Paul and Tom.

Inferno Affairs
Written by: Conroy Gibson
Directed by: Robbie Monsod
Assistant directed by: Amy Gragera
Angelo: Kelvin Kao
Devon: Stephanie Trautwein
Jonas: Peter Ngaou
Lisa: Clara Sao
Summary: Angelo (the good) and Devon (the evil) are Jonas's guiding conscience. They both try to help Jonas talk to Lisa, the girl he is stalking, by feeding Jonas different lines. The two never agrees so the lines always fail. After a talk, they decide that society needs both good and evil and what would really help Jonas out is balance. However, Jonas is fed up with their advice and decides to speak his mind. Too bad, he still loses Lisa in the end. Angelo and Devon are fired by Jonas as his guiding conscience. With the newly found time, Angelo and Devon make up over a Disney movie.

The White Box (video)
Written by: Yumi Sakugawa, Tina Diep
Directed by: Yumi Sakugawa, Tina Diep
Girl: Vanessa Yeh
Boy: Shane Billings
Figure in black: Keye Chen
Figure in black: Clara Sao
Figure in black: Elaine Chen
Villain: Simon Wiscombe
Villain: Peter Ngaou
Villain: Mylo Lam
Villain: Conroy Gibson
Villain: Hoai Vuong
Villain: Jonathan Crisman
Clock: Yumi Sakugawa
Worker: Kristy Choo
Worker: Winston Kwong
Hipster: Evan Shulman
Hobo: Kelvin Kao
Hobo: Karen Leano
Worker: Caroline Park
Worker: David Mori
Villain: Stephanie Trautwein
Villain: Amy Gragera
Villain: Kevin Chan
Villain: Nhi Hong
Villain: Omar Hajji
Worker: Scott Wen
Worker: Lynn Chen
Mysterious Stranger: Nicole Barbero
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Special Thanks to: Hilton Huynh
Summary: The world is full of identical looking black boxes. Girl tries her best to protect the only white box in the world. Eventually she sacrifices her life but manages to pass the white box on.

Dinner with the Heffingtons
Written by: Jonathan Crisman
Directed by: Omar Hajji
Assistant directed by: Lynn Chen
Belinda Bumblefrump: Nicole Barbero
Bob Bumblefrump: Ernesto Sandoval
Betty Bumblefrump: Nhi Hong
Billy Bumblefrump: Shane Billings
Summary: The Bumblefrumps discover that they will be entertaining the Heffingtons, a local donut magnate family, for dinner -- a task they take very seriously. Preparing dinner takes them around (and out of) this world. Throughout this time, Billy is becoming more and more disillusioned with his apparently crazy and dysfunctional family until he breaks down, prompting his family to give up their dinner engagement in order to comfort their son/brother.

Deceiver (movement piece)
Written by: Vanessa Yeh
Directed by: Vanessa Yeh
Vice 1: Yumi Sakugawa
Vice 2: Anisha Adusumilli
Vice 3: Nicole Barbero
Girl 1: Vanessa Yeh
Girl 2: Stephanie Trautwein
Girl 3: Karen Leano
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Choreographer: Vanessa Yeh
Summary: Girls overcome their insecurities over body images, break away from being the puppets of their images in the mirrors, and take back their control by helping each other out.

Silver Bullet
Written by: Hoai Vuong
Directed by: Scott Wen
Assistant directed by: Jonathan Crisman
Mick: Mylo Lam
Mable: Kristy Choo
Chubs: David Mori
Silver: Simon Wiscombe
Summary: A crime story set during the Depression. Young Mick tries to make himself feel worthwhile by starting a family with Mable, but he foolishly ties himself to the Mafia to support her. Some money goes missing and Silver sets out to make sure someone pays for it, starting with Mick and his cousin Chubs.

Spartan Culture Night
Written by: Hoai Vuong, Conroy Gibson
Directed by: Winston Kwong
SASA President: Catherine Manabat
CN Producer: Elaine Chen
Christina: Vanessa Yeh
Leonidas II: Kevin Chan
Rocko: Evan Shulman
Herodotus: Derrick Sun
Leonidas I: Conroy Gibson
Xerxes II: Keye Chen
Spartan: Caroline Park
Spartan: Omar Hajji
Spartan: Hoai Vuong
Persian: Anisha Adusumilli
Persian: Keye Chen
Summary: Basically every Culture Night you've ever seen before, but with a Spartan twist. A parody of almost every CN cliche -- the whiny lead, the underwritten love interest, the useless comic relief, the old relative, the overbearing parent, the wink-at-the-audience jokes, the split-stage phone conversation, the "major" death, etc. (We're only missing a clubbing scene and that damn "window" backdrop used to represent the interior of a house.)

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