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Fall 2006: Choose Your Own Adventure
LCC Disney (video)
Written by: Michael Lowe
Directed by: Michael Lowe
Himself: Conroy Gibson
Himself: Hoai Vuong
Himself: Jonathan Crisman
Himself: Kelvin Kao
Herself: Kimhouy Tong
Herself: Kristy Choo
Himself: Michael Lowe
Himself: Winston Kwong
Summary: This is a film about overcoming, with magic. LCC goes to Disneyland. One by one, the members face their problems and fears, and overcome them. Finally they all come out on top. That's right. Be a man. Do the right thing.

Dennis and Collette
Written by: Kimhouy Tong
Directed by: Kimhouy Tong
Dennis: Hoai Vuong
Collette: Tina Diep
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Set Design: Michael Lowe
Summary: Dennis and Collette are having problems in their marriage due to their different views about sex. Through a long talk, they dig into more about each other's views about other things in life and marriage. In the end, they know they still love each other deeply and embrace what they have.

Lost Backpack (sketch)
Written by: Winston Kwong
Directed by: Omar Hajji
Steven: Michael Lowe
Jack: Winston Kwong
Tracy: Kelvin Kao
Summary: Steven and Jack discover a backpack under a table. In a quest to figure out who it belongs to, they read the journal inside. The text is kinky and the owner's name is Tracy. They think about meeting the girl but are later confronted by Tracy... who turns out to be actually a guy.

Close to You
Written by: Scott Wen
Directed by: Scott Wen
Chen: Scott Wen
Lydia: Amy Gragera
Qing: Janet Lo
Summary: Chen and Lydia used to be together, but now Chen is going to get married to Qing becuase it's a Chinese family thing. Chen and Lydia talk and say goodbye for the last time before the wedding.

4:11 (AKA Countdown, video)
Written by: Hoai Vuong, Conroy Gibson
Directed by: Michael Lowe
Alex Kona: Winston Kwong
Danger: Hoai Vuong
Danger: Conroy Gibson
Danger: Aki Murai
Danger: Kelvin Kao
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Music: Richard Ngo
Editor: Michael Lowe
Summary: Alex Kona gets a fortune cookie that says he only has 3 more minutes to live. Freaked out by all the things that might kill him around the area, he tries to run to a safe place. Finally, the clock hits 4:11... will he live?

Game Plan
Written by: Kelvin Kao
Directed by: Simon Wiscombe
Adam: Aki Murai
Jack: Conroy Gibson
Eva: Janet Lo
Player 1: Winston Kwong
Player 2: Kelvin Kao
Arrow/Cursor: Michael Lowe
Creature: Scott Wen
Wandering Princess: Kristy Choo
Summary: Game characters Adam (PC) and Jack (NPC) decide to break away from gamer/computer control after meeting Eva (PC), who is a female character created by a male gamer trying to play tricks on other people. They try different ways to break away, and finally they manage to get the gamers to quit playing so they can have a vacation.

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