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Spring 2006: LCC History X
Akid & Vandalism (freestyle)
Written by: Aki Murai, Van Yabut
Directed by: Aki Murai, Van Yabut
Akid: Aki Murai
Vandalism: Van Yabut
Summary: Akid and Vandalism opens the show with some beatboxing and freestyle routine. Unity through art!

Skinned Alive
Written by: Yumi Sakugawa
Directed by: Chantra Nhien
Assistant directed by: Omar Hajji
Miguel: Josue Pineda
Danae: Jennifer Sandel
Jin: Aki Murai
Cindi: Omar Hajji
Summary: Scene opens with Cindi getting a tattoo from Miguel. Miguel is embittered because he didn't get into art school so he takes it out by giving fake Chinese tattoos to his customers. Miguel and Danae get into a slight argument. Danae leaves and Jin enters, a gang leader of the Order of the Black Dragon, who is angry because he received a fake tattoo from Miguel. Danae reenters and it turns out that Danae and Jin were college sweethearts and Danae used to be a gang member as well. Jin threatens Miguel, Danae beats the crap out of Jin and his gang, Danae and Miguel renew their love for each other.

The Home Despot (video)
Himself: Aki Murai
Himself: Conroy Gibson
Himself: Jonathan Crisman
Himself: Michael Lowe
Summary: A One Night Stand Production, this is an experimental video project that the group gets together and film for 24 hours straight to bring the saga of the quest to become the home despot.

Written by: Jonathan Crisman
Directed by: Kimhouy Tong
Assistant directed by: Simon Wiscombe, Jonathan Crisman, Michael Lowe
Man 1: Hoai Vuong
Woman 1: Leiti Hsu
Man 2: Conroy Gibson
Woman 2: Janet Lo
Man 3: Simon Wiscombe
Woman 3: Caroline Park
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Musical Director: Jonathan Crisman
Costume Design: Erica Palay
Summary: Man 1 - a dreamer, distant, a notch down on the intelligence scale Man 2 - harsh, dramatic, like stereotypical film noir detective Man 3 - real, unsure of himself at first (main role) Woman 1 - distant, fearful Woman 2 - harsh, no nonsense Woman 3 - real, urgent (main role) A man and a woman (3's) realize their love for each other, breaking free from their own inhibitions as externalized through parallel characters of extreme proportions (1's and 2's). A touch on the existential side. Highly stylized.

Glasses (musical)
Written by: Kelvin Kao
Directed by: Yumi Sakugawa
Assistant directed by: Tina Diep
Greg: Winston Kwong
Sara: Kristy Choo
Mafia boss: Robbie Monsod
Sidekick: Brittany Scaggs
Announcer: Theresa Nguyen
B272: Amy Gragera
Security Guard: Van Yabut
Tonedeaf: Kelvin Kao
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Musical Director: Theresa Nguyen
Musical Director: Kelvin Kao
Music & Lyrics: Theresa Nguyen
Music & Lyrics: Kelvin Kao
Soundtrack Recording: Thomas Tran
Summary: Greg is depressed because he is questioning his choice of joining the local small mafia. Childhood friend Sara gives him a pair of magical Rose-Colored Glasses to make him feel better. In a DMV robbery, the mafia is held by gun-point by the security guard. Using the new optimism found with the magical power of glasses, Greg solves the problem and builds his own international business.

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