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Winter 2006: Holy Crap! It Talks!
Body Sushi
Written by: Yumi Sakugawa
Directed by: Scott Wen
Mariko: Kristy Choo
Ken: Michael Lowe
Dawson: Leiti Hsu
Junichiro: Winston Kwong
Sushi Chef: Scott Wen
Summary: Mariko goes to a sushi restaurant with fiancee Ken and best friend Dawson. While waiting, Mariko starts to have a conversation with human sushi platter Junichiro about love. They fall in love (sort of) and decide to run off together.

I, Do
Written by: Robbie Monsod
Directed by: Aki Murai
Assistant directed by: Theresa Nguyen
Erika: Amy Gragera
Elaine: Jennifer Sandel
Riley: Chantra Nhien
Love Doctor: Caroline Park
ROBot: Kelvin Kao
DEBot: Tru Nguyen
Mom: Theresa Nguyen
Summary: Erika is to be wed to Riley, but she wants ROB, who is a robot. Wtf, poor Riley, now all he has is Deb, basically a sex toy. Erika's sister Elaine and her Mother only complicate things as Erika realizes she wants Riley, then doesn't, then again when the Love Doctor shows her what ROB looks like not under the influence. What is Love? A calculated experiment? Can the love for an inanimate object be that damn good? You decide.

Shampoo Toothpaste (video)
Written by: Chantra Nhien
Directed by: Jibba Jabba, Chantra Nhien
Roommate: Jibba Jabba
Roommate: Chantra Nhien
Summary: Isn't it quite a waste of time that you have to shower and brush your teeth every day? Now you can save time with shampoo toothpaste by washing your hair and brushing your teeth at the same time.

Waiting for Gorilla
Written by: Hoai Vuong
Directed by: Kimhouy Tong
Kent: Omar Hajji
Raina: Tina Diep
Flash: Jonathan Crisman
Gorilla: Conroy Gibson
Summary: The three main characters are camping together at Joshua Tree for their first post-undergrad reunion. Kent and Raina decide to stay up and wait to see a gorilla that will supposedly arrive after four days. Raina gives up but Kent keeps waiting. Unresolved feelings come up regarding Kent and Flash's falling out over Raina, as well as their current positions in life. Everybody makes up. The gorilla drops in to say hi. Friendship prevails!

Silent Listener
Written by: Kelvin Kao
Directed by: Raymond Lo
Paul: Hoai Vuong
Cindy: Joyce Kim
Tree: Simon Wiscombe
Gardener: Josue Pineda
Beaver: Robbie Monsod
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Music: Kelvin Kao
Music: Theresa Nguyen
Lyrics: Kelvin Kao
Summary: Paul is too shy to meet cute girl Cindy. A Tree in the Sculpture Garden helps them by bringing them together using his tree ways. The couple, the Tree, and the Gardener become really good friends. Paul and Cindy even help save the Tree by starting a petition and fighting off a Radioactive Beaver. The story ends with a musical number somehow about the Magic of the Tree.

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