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Fall 2005: Damaged Goodness
Lonestar Chronicles
Written by: Hoai Vuong
Directed by: Hoai Vuong
Assistant directed by: Yumi Sakugawa
Lionel Lee/Lonestar: Raymond Lo
Stacy Chen: Theresa Nguyen
Derek Kim/Colonel Rage: Robbie Monsod
Hoodlum Boss: Brittany Scaggs
Hoodlum: Olivia Cuarteron
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Theme Music: Stephen Barr
Summary: Lonestar, a college-aged superhero with telekinetic powers, is facing the uncertainty of an ever-changing world and fears that his joy of being a superhero will one day be overwhelmed by other responsibilities. Will he still have time to be Lonestar? He and retired superhero Colonel Rage face the Hoodlum bank robbers in an ultimate show-down.

Written by: Kimhouy Tong
Directed by: Kimhouy Tong
Imogene: Leiti Hsu
Dr. Falsche: Aki Murai
Summary: Imogene has problems in her life and she regularly goes to psychiatrist Dr. Falsche for help. Through a game of Scrabble, they talk about their inner thoughts and establish a connection like never before.

Vallet Ballet (sketch)
Written by: Robbie Monsod, Brittany Scaggs
Directed by: Robbie Monsod, Brittany Scaggs
Summary: A student goes to traffic school and encounters an instructor that teaches how to drive safely in an unconventional way - dancing. There they dance away, and dance away the traffic ticket.

Damaged Goodness (song)
Written by: Theresa Nguyen
Directed by: Theresa Nguyen
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Guitar/Vocal: Theresa Nguyen
Summary: Theresa "Q" Nguyen perform live with her acoustic guitar a song about what it's like to be a product that was bought, used, and then returned to the store.

Flight of the Parrot
Written by: Yumi Sakugawa
Directed by: Scott Wen
Aaron: Josue Pineda
Helen: Tru Nguyen
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Choreographer: Kimhouy Tong
Summary: Aaron is a professor of ornithology and Helen is a quiet librarian. They've been married but having problems with communication. In a dream, Helen becomes a parrot flies away - only to wake up and realize it wasn't true.

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