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Spring 2005: Coyote Tails and Tales
Object of My Affection
Written by: Jill Reyes
Directed by: Theresa Nguyen
Cat: Yumi Sakugawa
Tammy: Lydia Suh
Andy: Hoai Vuong
Cindy: Leiti Hsu
Summary: It's the high school prom. Cat and Tammy, best friends, are both nominees to be Prom Queen. Cat starts questioning how the kids at their high school are sporting Asian stereotypical phrases and adopting aspects of the Asian culture into their trends, but is constantly shut down and being accused of using the "race card." The scene climaxes when it is announced Cat and Tammy both won Prom Queen and are presented as sisters. Upset, Cat confides in Tammy her confusion and anger about stereotypes being perpetuated and whether their cultures are really accepted or just commodified. Scene ends with Cat still feeling the weight of the events of the night and Tammy walking off in the opposite direction, in denial of what Cat was contemplating.

Written by: Renato Quilalang
Directed by: Kimhouy Tong
Justin: Scott Wen
Lynn: Julia Lam
Derek: Aki Murai
Andrew: Robbie Monsod
Summary: Justin and Derek are good friends that go to a party together. Derek gets really drunk and start throwing up. In the middle of taking care of Derek, Justin is confronted by Lynn about their former relationship and realizes that he was wrong to blame her for taking his ex-boyfriend, Andrew, away from him.

Family Practice
Written by: Stan Pham
Directed by: Walter Morales
Assistant directed by: Brian King, Josue Pineda
Danny: Nick Perez
Harold: Brian King
The Dean: Josue Pineda
Summary: Harold has a childhood dream of becoming a doctor. He wasn't able to do it, so he's been preparing his son Danny to fulfill it. However, Danny says he wants to work for a non-profit organization and walks out right before the med school interview. Harold decides to interview in Danny's place when the Dean comes. During the interview, the Dean passes out due to Severe Acute Chocking Syndrome (SACS). Harold saves the Dean, and accepts the fact that Danny doesn't want to be a doctor. Danny ends up running a non-profit organization benefiting SACS patients based on Dr. Harold's research.

Gay or Asian
Written by: Yumi Sakugawa
Directed by: Randy Bautista
Ken: Van Yabut
Chloe: Brittany Scaggs
Brad (The Man): Randy Bautista
William Hung 2.0: Kelvin Kao
Asian Harem Girl: Yumi Sakugawa
Flaming 80's Dancer: Tan Lam
Flaming 80's Dancer: Conroy Gibson
Flaming 80's Dancer: Josue Pineda
Summary: Ken (the man whore) is trying to get it on with Chloe, his latest fuck buddy. However, Ken finds out that Chloe is a militant student activist whose kinky fantasies are even political. Ken is puzzled by his lack of sex drive, and Chloe refers him to The Man (Brad) for help. When they meets, Ken realizes that Brad is a former classmate with grudges against him for beating him in GPA. Ken finds out that Brad is the mastermind behind Asian male emasculation and Asian female objectification in the media. However, he is disappointed to realize that Brad is not the sole reason behind Ken's unhappy lack of sexual libido. Ken eventually has it figured out: he is gay and asian.

Net Generation
Written by: Hoai Vuong
Directed by: Raymond Lo
Assistant directed by: Tru Nguyen
Gabe: Conroy Gibson
Crystal: Olivia Cuarteron
Lapu, the Coyote that Cares (puppeteer/voice): Kelvin Kao
Evelyn/Gigabyte: Jill Reyes
Sebastian/Proton: Tan Lam
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Puppet construction: Kelvin Kao
Summary: Gabe and Crystal have been friends for a while. Gabe likes Crystal and Crystal likes Gabe. But Gabe is a loser who is too afraid to make a move. One day Crystal gets frustrated by his inaction and dorky hobbies and walks out on him. Gabe is saddened until he gets a visit from his spirit guide, Lapu the Coyote that Cares. Lapu decides that Gabe's internet addiction is preventing him from living his life and chooses to take him on a time travel journey to teach him a lesson. After the journey, Gabe gets the guts to call her Crystal. What a happy ending, thanks to the spirit guide.

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