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Winter 2005: The Wonderful World of LCC
Written by: Robbie Monsod
Directed by: Lydia Suh
Assistant directed by: Kelvin Kao
Greg: Raymond Lo
Tammy: Ann Flores
Sarah: Theresa Nguyen
Minnie: Josue Pineda
Voodo Lady: Yumi Sakugawa
Summary: Everybody is cursed. Greg is cursed with the power to draw his true love. Tammy is cursed to be a bum on 3rd Street. When Greg is painting, he talks to Sarah, the girl he likes, and Minnie, a cross-dresser. The conversations and yet another encounter with Voodoo Lady inspire Greg to realize that Tammy is his true love. In the end, love is just a concept and Greg learns not to take it so seriously and just enjoy the people around him.

Starting Over
Written by: Kimhouy Tong
Directed by: Kimhouy Tong
Bella: Olivia Cuarteron
Paul: Brian King
Jordan: Scott Wen
Ticket Attendant: Brittany Scaggs
Summary: Paul is single and goes to see a movie alone. Bella, who is just out of a relationship with Jordan, is there at the theatre too. Paul asks Bella to watch the movie together. The initial meeting is awkward but later they find out they have a lot in common. Since the initial meeting isn't exactly the best, they decide to go back to the introduction, and start over.

Serrate Expectations
Written by: Scott Wen
Directed by: Robbie Monsod
Annie: Jill Reyes
Grace/Mei-lan: Leiti Hsu
Charles/Hong-yu: Randy Bautista
Jonathan: Van Yabut
Summary: Jonathan who comes home from college because his father is in the hospital. During his stay in the hospital, Jonathan has to come to terms with his family. He realizes that he doesn’t know his family. He has to come back to reevaluate his relationship with his sister, mother, and father. Meanwhile Jonathan’s sister, Annie, wants to go back to school but is blocked by her mother who refuses to go. The father is also forced to reflect on his role as a father.

Cook vs. Crook
Written by: Kelvin Kao
Directed by: Tan Lam
Assistant directed by: Tru Nguyen
Accountant: Conroy Gibson
Mayor: Nick Perez
Secretary: Hoai Vuong
Cook: Aki Murai
Summary: The Secretary is in an office without furniture. Therefore he steals furniture from his boss, the very oblivious Mayor. During the process, he steals the Mayor's onion rings that the boss is obsessed with. A Cook is brought in to solve the case of missing onion rings and furniture, since "chef" sounds like "sheriff", well, sort of. Using a stupid food analogy and really weird logic, the Cook solves the crime and nails the thief.

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