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Fall 2004: Shots of Life
Written by: Lydia Suh
Directed by: Lydia Suh
Dancer: Conroy Gibson
Dancer: Janet Lo
Dancer: Kelvin Kao
Dancer: Kimhouy Tong
Dancer: Lydia Suh
Dancer: Tan Lam
Dancer: Michelle Hua
Dancer: Robbie Monsod
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Choreographer: Lydia Suh
Summary: And now, our special guest tonight: the one that puts the hip in hip-hop, the Seoul in Korea, and the fob in fob-ulous, it's the Koreagrapher!!! The Koreagrapher is here to train dancers and in the end, there's a cool dance routine to Random Voices' rendition of "Baby Got Back".

Doctor, Doctor!
Written by: Michelle Hua, Janet Lo
Directed by: Janet Lo
Patient: Tan Lam
Doctor: Michelle Hua
Extra: Kelvin Kao
Summary: Someone with serious diarrhea visits the doctor to cure his problem. It turns out that the problem is that he's too shy to express his love for Caroline. The doctor encourages him to be confident and get the love of his life.

Think, Outside the Box (video, puppet show)
Written by: Kelvin Kao
Directed by: Kelvin Kao
Uncle Kao: Kelvin Kao
Abby: Janet Lo
Pandora the Rabbit (voice): Lydia Suh
Barry the Dog (voice): Tan Lam
Monkey King (voice): Stan Pham
Deer/Bear/Lamb God (voice): Conroy Gibson
Dico the Dog (voice): Kelvin Kao
Jim the Piggy (voice): Ann Flores
Extra the Monkey (voice): Janet Lo
Puppeteer: Kelvin Kao
Puppeteer: Jong-Ling Wu
Puppeteer: Branda Chang
Puppeteer: Robbie Monsod
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Music: Kelvin Kao
Music: Jong-Ling Wu
Camera: Kelvin Kao
Camera: Jong-Ling Wu
Camera: Danny Ink
Editor: Kelvin Kao
Summary: This is a puppet show video done with stuffed animals in Taiwanese puppetry style. Pandora is guarding a box but nobody knows what's in the box. Monkey King thinks it's money, but Jim thinks it's something evil. Barry, once Monkey King's friend, decides to protect Pandora against the king. Finally God comes to stop all the madness. After God asks, Pandora tells everybody what's really in the box. Of course, all the previous guesses are wrong. The lesson is that you should never think outside the box before you look inside the box. Or, base decisions on facts rather than false assumptions. This video spoofs Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and features an impressive kung-fu routine between stuffed animals.

Snack Time
Written by: Kimhouy Tong
Directed by: Kimhouy Tong
Dino: Conroy Gibson
Jimmy: Tan Lam
Sam: Lydia Suh
Miss Nathan: Janet Lo
Summary: Miss Nathan is a school teacher, but she has a bigger dream of becoming a writer. She doesn't think it would happen though. However, the really sweet kids in her class talk to her and finally convince her to pursue her dream.

Written by: Robbie Monsod
Directed by: Michelle Hua
Tommy/Rory: Robbie Monsod
Jenny: Ann Flores
Dad: Kelvin Kao
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Script Compressor: Janet Lo
Summary: Tommy hates his dad. His more successful brother Rory and his father often haunts him. He finally realizes everything is all in his head after he finally gets the nerve to stand up against his dad's image and accept his father's death.

Crooks (video)
Written by: Kimhouy Tong
Directed by: Kimhouy Tong
Burglar: Conroy Gibson
Burglar: Nick Perez
Grandma: Michelle Hua
Drunk: Robbie Monsod
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Editor: Tru Nguyen
Summary: This is a documentary on burglars. We follow two robbers on camera as they break into houses to steal things. However, they encounter some strange characters, such as the grandma and the drunk. It's a documentary you won't see on Discovery.

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