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Spring 2004: Legends of the Spring
I, Ninja
Written by: Renato Quilalang
Directed by: Janet Lo
Assistant directed by: Tru Nguyen
Akane Nishimura: Julie Chen
Ryu Hyabusa: Jeremy Lalas
Kung Fu Fighter: Tru Nguyen
Evil Ninja: Jeff Ignacio
Evil Ninja: Walter Morales
: Doh Whang
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Fight choreographer: Harold Tan
Summary: Akane, a real Ninja, plays a Ninja in kung-fu movies. She disagrees with the Ninja stereotypes in the film, but the director and film crew doesn't believe that she is a real Ninja... until she defeats the evil Ninjas that came to kill her on the set. Akane realizes later that she should face her past, play the lousy stereotypical Ninja roles until one day she becomes a big enough star to have a say in how Ninjas are portrayed. Need I say more? Ninjas are sweet!!

Stardom Academy
Written by: Nick Perez
Directed by: Robbie Monsod
Cleo: Tin Capuyan
Joe: Kelvin Liu
Mommy Lance: Ali Wong
London: Olivia Cuarteron
Buju: Michelle Hua
Sam: Robbie Monsod
Summary: Cleo, a young corporate worker wants to one day become a big star. She starts to attend Hollywood Academy of Arts and Stardom. There she meets the very blunt acting coach Lance; the ditzy, sexy, rich London; the soul child Buju; and Sam, who lacks talent and charisma but receives praise from everyone. This scene features yet another booty-shaking routine by Robbie Monsod.

Socially Challenged
Written by: Robbie Monsod
Directed by: Nick Perez
Assistant directed by: Kimhouy Tong
Willard: Doh Whang
James: Robin Jung
Kathy: Kimhouy Tong
Fiona: Lydia Suh
Caroline: Nick Perez
Summary: Willard is not good with girls. His best friend James, however, is a pimp. James and his girlfriend Kathy decides to give Willard a makeover and throw a party to get him better at getting girls. The plan fails, so James tells Willard that he is actually gay and he only has all these girls around him to hide that fact. Willard laughs at himself for looking up to James all these years and gains confidence. Of course, this is a lie from James in order to help Willard... or is it?

The Gods Among Us
Written by: Matt Hill
Directed by: Asiroh Cham, Melodee Solomon
Assistant directed by: Hannah Lee
Clyde: Kelvin Kao
Suzy: Ali Wong
Native: Asiroh Cham
Native: Conroy Gibson
Native: Melodee Solomon
Illinois Jones: Tan Lam
Professor: Walter Morales
Professor: Mark Lee
Dancer: Janet Lo
Dancer: Tru Nguyen
Summary: Clyde is a computer programmer who is very bad with girls. After realizing that the native Africans have no technology, he decides to bring technology to Africa. There the natives are amazed by all the gadgets and worships Clyde like God. Illinois Jones, a research assistant, arrives at Africa later only to realize that the indigenous people no longer lives in the primitive ways. Clyde promises to help Illinois if Illinois teaches him how to get girls later. When the professors comes, Clyde and Illinois already taught the natives some supposedly primitive chant and planted fake artifacts. The professors are happy with the discovery. Finally, they all go back and Illinois helps Clyde get girls.

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