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Fall 2003: LCC = Love: So Spread It!
BLT Groupies (sketch)
Written by: Ali Wong
Directed by: Jenni Trang Le
Casandra: Ali Wong
Evan: Nick Perez
Didi: Tru Nguyen
Mr. Sandwich: Kelvin Kao
Sung Kang: Kelvin Liu
Summary: Do you love Better Luck Tomorrow, aka BLT? The movie that broke all the stereotypes of Asian-American men, portraying them finally as incredibly sexy panty droppalicious complex characters, busting a can of whoop-ass on the model minority myth whilst simultaneously leaving Asian-American women out of the whole message? This sketch tells you how far true BLT groupies would go!

The Starbellied Sneetches
Written by: Jarrett Quon
Directed by: Robin Jung
Jenny Mary McPeach: Julia Lam
Narrator: Jenni Trang Le
Sneetch: Nick Perez
Sneetch: Tru Nguyen
Sneetch: Grace Alcantara
Bob A.: Robin Jung
Summary: This is an updated rendition of Dr. Seuss's Sneetches which dealed with racism and identity. The tale, written in Dr. Seuss's style, tells a tale of how a fob came to a new place, invented Boba, tried to be cool, but finally found his identity and dignity.

Mom for Mickey
Written by: Ali Wong
Directed by: Crystal Chin
Mickey: Asiroh Cham
Sam (Dad): Chet Wang
She-Rock: Julie Chen
Summary: Mickey is very close to her single dad Sam. However, Mickey doesn't like Sam's new taxin' and waxin' trampy nasty girlfriend She-Rock. At first, Sam doesn't believe that She-Rock is a bad, bad woman. That all changes when She-Rock tries to choke Mickey when Mickey questioned She-Rock about the nasty phone conversation she overheard. Furious, the dad kicks She-Rock out. In the end, they are happy again.

Staple It (sketch)
Written by: Kelvin Kao
Directed by: Kelvin Kao
Bill: Jeff Ignacio
Shelly: Tru Nguyen
Albert: Nick Perez
Staple: Kelvin Kao
Summary: Bill and Shelly are co-workers that hate each other. To get Shelly fired, Bill kills the boss's fish that Shelly takes care of. Upon knowing the death of the fish, the boss fires Shelly. Bill realizes how much Shelly hates the boss and eventually confesses and gets fired as well. In the end, Bill and Shelly realize that it's easier to become friends when you have a common enemy, as opposed to a common goal.

Dragon of Love (video)
Written by: Michael Golamco
Directed by: Doan La
Joel: Randall Park
Sally: Angela Wiggins
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Producer: Hieu Ho
Producer: Cindy Yoshiyama
Summary: An official selection of over a dozen festivals and the winner of BEST SHORT FILM at the 2003 Hawaiian international Film Festival, this hilarious comedy is about Asian guy Joel, who fantasizes about being with a black woman. He manages to hook up with a black girl Sally, only to realize that she has an Asian fetish and has some interesting plans for her new boy toy....

Ward Connelly Gone Crazy (sketch)
Written by: Ali Wong
Directed by: Jeff Ignacio
Ward: Jeff Ignacio
Bridy: Ali Wong
Esteban: Kelvin Kao
George: Nick Perez
Summary: This is a political satire that mocks the absurdity of Ward Connerly's propositions, and manipulation of the farce that Dr. Martin Luther King spoke of a "colorblind society."

Smokin' It
Written by: Nick Perez
Directed by: Tin Capuyan
Nico: Kelvin Liu
Tine/Osirus: Michelle Hua
Regina: Jennifer Kim
Gretchen/Mary: Stephanie Zee
Summary: This is a story about a smoker, A Christmas Carol style. After being visited by some different ghosts and taken to different time and space, he has an epiphany and quits smoking. Wow, it's kind of educational.

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