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Spring 2003: LCCgasms - What a Feeling!
LCC for Dummies (video)
Written by: Renato Quilalang
Directed by: Renato Quilalang
Narrator: Freddie Sulit
Dramatization: Various LCC members
Summary: Every LCC cast member has at some point spent time explaining what "Lapu, the Coyote that Cares" means. Now this is a video that solves the problem once and for all. Who knows that history can actually be fun?

Looking Past
Written by: Matt Hill, Nam Tran
Directed by: Nam Tran, Julie Chen
Kien: Chris Nguyen
Hai: Kelvin Liu
Phuong: Julia Lam
Amy: Jenni Trang Le
Minh: Brian Calimlim
Prison Guard: Leonard Wu
Prison Guard: Michelle Hua
Prison Guard: Robin Jung
Prisoner: Asiroh Cham
Prisoner: Jeff Ignacio
Prisoner: Walter Osias
Prisoner: Liz Kim
Neighbor: Vicky Hoang
Dog Walker: Nick Perez
Husband: Leonard Wu
Summary: Based on true events, Looking Past is a dramatic piece about a Vietnam veteran Kien who was imprisoned, but lived to tell the story. The hope of reuniting with his wife Phuong is the only thing that kept him alive. However, Phuong has already started a new life because she thought Kien was dead. Kien accepts that fact eventually, and uses the story to teach the young man Hai to deal with his problems. "My cards are horrible too, but that didn't stop me from playing the game." The lesson in card play is also a lesson in life. This is one of the best piece by LCC. The writers and directors spent many months researching for accuracy. The director and the dramatic leads are all the best in the group at the time. It gives you something to reflect upon. You have to see it to believe it.

Asian-American Song
Written by: Brian Bautista, Roy Pacumio
Vocalist: Walter Osias
Background Performance / Dramatization / Dance: Various LCC members
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Music & Lyrics: Brian Bautista
Music & Lyrics: Roy Pacumio
Editor: Walter Osias
Summary: This really catchy song is an Asian man's experience of coming to the United States, fitting in, and being proud of being Asian American. While Walter sings this very cute song, other cast members do dramatizations in the background. It sure was entertaining. If you were there, you probably had the chorus stuck in your head for three days.

Super Saturday Baseball
Written by: Ali Wong
Directed by: Stan Pham
Assistant directed by: Grace Alcantara
Joni: Melodee Solomon
Toshi: Jeff Ignacio
Flea: Chet Wang
Stephanie: Liz Kim
Frankie: Kelvin Kao
Summary: Joni, Toshi and Flea are three first year student best friends who have been playing baseball since 8th grade. Toshi challenges the friendship when he tells Joni and Toshi that he wants more out of life joining a Fraternity. Flea discovers that Joni likes Toshi, and Joni expresses extreme bitterness towards Toshi's secret motives to get together with a sorority chick. The following Saturday, he brings a prospective girlfriend, who turns out to be cooler than Joni assumed.

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor... (video)
Written by: Ray Lai, Matt Hill
Directed by: Ray Lai
Summary: This infomercial brings a miracle product "White-In" too all the Asian men in the world. Never worry about how all those Asian girls are going out with white guys again. With the new miracle product, you can become that goofy white guy and life of the party! Buy it now!

Slice of America
Written by: Matt Hill
Directed by: Ray Lai, Matt Hill, Jarrett Quon
Mr. Smith: Matt Hill
Mrs. Smith: Asiroh Cham
Billy Smith: Robin Jung
Jenny Smith: Vicky Hoang
Narrator: Ray Lai
Summary: This scene is an experimentation with the narrative style of "Y tu MaMa Tambien." It is meant show the absurdities and the excess of the American way of life. So basically its a day in the life of the Smiths, an Upper class white surburban family. In the end Mr. Smith realizes he is an asshole and tries to make right with his nerdy fat son.

The Crystal & Ali Show
Written by: Crystal Chin, Ali Wong
Directed by: Crystal Chin, Ali Wong
Host: Crystal Chin
Host: Ali Wong
Lily Tom: Tru Nguyen
Angela Ho: Michelle Hua
Sandy: Jennifer Kim
Alana Getty: Tin Capuyan
Contestant Constance: Kawehi Kaanapu
Betty: Julia Lam
Slategirl: Jenni Trang Le
Phone Screener: Asiroh Cham
Exhibit A: Julie Chen
Exhibit B: Grace Alcantara
Herself: Abby Camaya
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Special Guest Appearance: Purple Monkey Scientist
Summary: Crystal and Ali host a show that's 100% run by women, from the coffee makers, to the security guards, all the way to the producers. They have quirky guests that they diss and like to kick off the show. They hold a weekly feminist contest called "What did you do show your vagina pride?" But Abby Camaya, the musical guest, challenges their mixed feminist messages with her all male band. They end up performing in drag, though. Abby Camaya is a singer/songwriter and the vocalist for the band Purple Monkey Scientist.

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