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Winter 2003: LCC South for the Winter
I.M. What I Am
Written by: The Entire Cast
Directed by: Kawehi Kaanapu
IMer: Michelle Hua
IMer: Nick Perez
IMer: Tru Nguyen
IMer: Robin Jung
IMer: Jeff Ignacio
IMer: Renato Quilalang
Summary: Do you Yahoo? Maybe if you are a cow boy. In online chatrooms, you can do whatever you please. But can you be real? This sketch puts what goes on online onto the stage. What does it look like? You'll have to be there to actually know.

Written on the Margin
Written by: Tin Capuyan
Directed by: Asiroh Cham
Assistant directed by: LadyAnn Ballecer
Jen: Liz Kim
Sarah: Crystal Chin
Mikey: Chris Nguyen
Cindy: Julie Chen
Cindy's Dad: Robin Jung
Cindy's Mom: Jennifer Kim
Summary: Jen is a daughter that any parents would like. However, she's simply good at adapting in front of adults while she's done drugs, sex, and other stuff the parents don't know about. She talks to her best friend Sarah who is always high. She talks to Mikey who encourages her to make the best out of what she's given. However, she is still lost in this world, numb, and torn between her different identities.

Stand Up Routine
Written by: Stan Pham
Directed by: Stan Pham
Stand-up Comedian: Kelvin Liu
Kelvin's ex: Melodee Solomon
Melodee's new bf: Chet Wang
Summary: You might think it's an actual stand-up routine, but it's not. In this sketch, Kelvin is a stand-up comedian on stage joking about his ex-boyfriend. However, the ex and her new boyfriend are also in the audience. The girl is not happy that the comedian is joking about her, and the new and old boyfriends start to fight. LCC members call an intermission to have the problem resolved. Of course, this is all fake. During the intermission, the story goes on. LCC members were backstage and outside trying to calm both side down. The acting was so real that real cops came on the first night (and told us to tell the sheriff department before we do this again). After the intermission, the comedian comes out to apologize and say that he still has feelings for her. Should I call this reality theatre?

Which Weigh Out
Written by: Jenni Trang Le
Directed by: Nam Tran
Bina the Tall: Tin Capuyan
Tam the Skinny: Grace Alcantara
Patty the Chubby: Jenni Trang Le
Bich (Vietnamese Mom): Vicky Hoang
Hostile Girl #1: Michelle Hua
Hostile Girl #2: Julia Lam
Hostile Girl #3: Tru Nguyen
Paul the Peanut M&M: Matt Hill
Charlene the Cherry: Stephanie Zee
Barry the Banana: Kelvin Kao
Carl the Complex Carbohydrate: Chris Nguyen
Jason the Neighbor: Jarrett Quon
Summary: Ever seen an elementary school assembly sketch, but on crack? In this story, Patty is a girl who is self-conscious about her weight, and of course, hostile girls make fun of her. This changes when the peanut M&M, cherry, banana, and complex carbohydrate come to life and talk to her. She gains a new view on foods and herself from talking to the foods. With that new found confidence and courage, she stands up to the hostile girls and starts a new life.

Weapons of Mass Destruction
Written by: Matt Hill
Directed by: Arjay Visaya
Larry the Bomb: Ray Lai
Arnie the Bomb: Kelvin Kao
Kid: Brian Calimlim
Kid: Aleessa Atienza
Summary: Two bombs are launched to bomb Iraq. Larry is the regular bomb that thinks he's the bomb, and just want to bomb, bomb, bomb. On the other hand, Arnie is the bomb that thinks he should help make this world a better place instead, just like his cousin who is a toaster. After some thinking and talking, Arnie decides to become a dud so kids can happily play with him.

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