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Winter 2003: LCC Gone Wild
TV or Not TV
Written by: Larry Katata
Directed by: Nam Tran
Phyllis: Kawehi Kaanapu
Charlton: Walter Osias
Johnny: Robin Jung
Gary Coleman: Brian Calimlim
Summary: Phyllis, Charlton, Johnny are big fans of Friends. One day they sit down to watch Friends after dancing to the theme music, while the TV suddenly goes dead. The three poor people start to freak out. Luckily, Gary Coleman (who turns out to be Asian) comes to rescue.

Going Postal
Written by: Renato Quilalang
Directed by: Ray Lai
Jason/Beaverman: Larry Katata
Vladimir/Elephantman: Matt Hill
Narrator/Mr. Lungren: Dallas Pardoe
Customer: Jarrett Quon
Girl: Jenni Trang Le
Summary: Jason wants to be Spiderman, so he orders a radioactive spider from the internet. However, he receives a radioactive beaver and becomes Beaverman. Using his beaver power, he finally defeats the evil Elephantman. But he doesn't want to be Beaverman anymore. It's his lucky day... right away, he gets bitten by a radioactive human and becomes human again. What a day.

Asian American Idol (Video)
Written by: Abby Camaya
Directed by: Vicky Hoang
Assistant directed by: Jarrett Quon
Bobby Ray: Jarrett Quon
Donna Lee: Crystal Chin
Voiceover: Ryan Strole
Female Finalist: Stephanie Zee
Male Finalist: Jeff Yeh
Kylie Clarkchung: Vicky Hoang
Justin Chinrani: Chris Nguyen
Group Finalist: Abby Camaya
Group Finalist: Jenni Trang Le
Group Finalist: Kawehi Kaanapu
Group Finalist: LadyAnn Ballecer
Summary: This is a spoof of American Idol, obviously. It's actually an informercial selling the compilation album of songs sung by all the winners and finalists. From the names Kylie Clarkchung and Justin Chinrani, it's obvious that it was season one at the time the sketch was written. Hm... Kelly Clarkson is still popular, but whatever happened to Justin Guarini? By the way, who the heck came up with From Justin to Kelly?

I'm Lost (Musical)
Written by: Abby Camaya
Directed by: LadyAnn Ballecer, Abby Camaya
Lost: Abby Camaya
Popularity: LadyAnn Ballecer
Sexuality: Walter Osias
Vanity: Kawehi Kaanapu
Sloth: Jarrett Quon
Pretzel Boy: Brian Calimlim
Monkey (puppeteer): Arjay Visaya
Monkey (voiceover): Freddie Sulit
~Miscellaneous Crew~
Music: Abby Camaya
Lyrics: Abby Camaya
Music Recording: Thomas Tran
Summary: This is a mini-musical written, directed, and starred by the very talented Abby Camaya. Lost is a freshman at UCLA and she is, well, very lost. Along the way, she meets Popularity, Vanity, Sloth, Swings and Sexuality that all tell her different things, but eventually she meets the Pretzel Boy and discovers Love. Note: The narrator is a monkey. Musical Numbers: 1) "I'm Lost" by Lost 2) "It's Not Easy Being Me" by Popularity 3) "I'm Lost (reprise)" by Lost 4) "Seduction" by Sexuality 5) "I'm Lost (reprise)" by Lost 6) "Twist of Fate" by Pretzel Boy and Lost 7) "It's Time to Say Bye Bye" by Monkey

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