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Asiroh Cham

Generation 7
Major: International Development Studies
Minor: Southeast Asian Studies
Career Aspirations
I would love to work for a human rights organization and do my part in changing the world! Being part of the UN Human Rights Commission is my ultimate goal.

Role Models & Inspirations
My mom and dad because of their strength and resiliency despite all their hardships and for providing me with their love and support all my life.

Favorite Food(s)
garlic bread

Hobbies & Skills
I love people! I enjoy all the time I have to chill with friends. I like to write about anything and everything.

Why did you join LCC?
Through the LCC shows I've seen, I?ve been affected in such a positive way. Through the familiar voice of LCC, I have been inspired to voice my own in hopes of affecting other people.

What did you learn or gain from LCC?

Random Thoughts
Have you heard of the Chams?

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