lcc theatre company


Kawehi Kaanapu

Generation 7
Major: English
Career Aspirations
I will be either a star or a law student, it depends on my mood

Role Models & Inspirations
Those who spend their short time on earth experiencing passion and art.

Favorite Food(s)
mexican food

Hobbies & Skills
spoons (the instrument), singing (mine), movies (good ones), musicals (all of them), volleyball (when I can win), improv (every second, hour, day, week, year, and even in my dreams)

Why did you join LCC?
For the nachos!!

What did you learn or gain from LCC?
New faces, experience, voices, and people who understand

Random Thoughts
All you need is love, shaken not stirred.

NOTE: Credits section for cast members before Generation 7 might be incomplete.

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