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Jenni Trang Le

Generation 7
Major: Anthropology
Minor: Education
Career Aspirations
anything where I can create, eventually settling into teaching, perhaps Peace Corps? perhaps be a casting director.

Role Models & Inspirations

Favorite Food(s)
i LOVE food, but currently Yogurt Parfaits from Mickey D's are my fave.

Hobbies & Skills
spoken word, listening, romancing, dancing

Why did you join LCC?
i was a fan from my freshman year and i just wanted to be a part of this crazy, creative, loving, supportive, talented family.

What did you learn or gain from LCC?
a space to express myself even when it comes out all funky, a place where i get a great ab workout from laughing.

Random Thoughts
Love really does give you rose-tinted glasses. "From pain comes art" as they say-- so true. So what happens when life is suddenly going great? Cobwebs start forming on your quill. Now that I've written that, tragedy shall strike! Yikes.

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