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Ali Wong

Generation 7
Major: Asian American Studies
Career Aspirations
Big shot lawyer because I have a feeling that thespousy is going to be a poor intellectual (I'm a real sucker for those.) I constantly fantasize about being a victorious challenger on Iron Chef. Oh, and I want to have a million babies.

Role Models & Inspirations
John Cameron Mitchell, C.D. Payne, Gilda Ratner, Lauryn Hill, Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell, Kelsi Seid, Madonna, Muhammed Ali, Michelle Wong

Favorite Food(s)
Oh dear, so many. Pho, Korean BBQ, prime rib, pig's feet, pig's ears, pig's butt (just kidding), escargot, oysters, abalone, uni, saba, bun bo hue, shaved ice, roast duck, caviar, old english

Hobbies & Skills
Rolling the belly, star wars, cooking, being a dictator, scratching the self, watching the simpsons, telling stories about my dad, eating, eating some more

Why did you join LCC?
The closeness, sophisticated humor and love of LCC reminded me a lot of this SF Chinatown youth group called "Cameron House." It's been a while since I've been a part of a group that was so freakin' talented, funny and full of warm luvin'. I feel HELLA lucky to be in LCC.

What did you learn or gain from LCC?
The sad yet uplifting realization that men can be funnier than me...sometimes.

Random Thoughts
I hate girls that wear shirts that say "Princess." I think I hate boys who wear shirts that say "Hurley" even more. Onto more positive subjects, I love women who are raunchy, open and can admit that they rub the carpet. I love men who are smart and don't solely talk to pretty women. Recycle!

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