lcc theatre company


Vicky Hoang

Generation 6
Major: Business-Economics
Minor: Accounting
Career Aspirations
auditor for PwC! Then possibly, something BIG. (think money)

Role Models & Inspirations
my family

Favorite Food(s)
mostly everything

Hobbies & Skills
making fun of other people because I?m mean, shopping, having my friends laugh at me, imitating my mom, basketball, movies, being loud and obnoxious. Oh yeah, and pimping.

Why did you join LCC?
I thought it'd make me popular.

What did you learn or gain from LCC?
Definitely not popularity. wait, I was already way into myself. Creativity, expressiveness, laughter, fun, being Asian American, theatre, friendships.

Random Thoughts
?She just JEALOUS? (said w/ attitude, a head bob, and a click of the fingers)
WORK THAT! (wink)
For now, I wish I was fluent in French.

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