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Stephanie Zee

Generation 6
Major: Ecology, Behavior and Evolution
Minor: Classical Civilization
Career Aspirations
to be discovered in Denny's, to follow a pachyderm of elephants in Africa, to live in the trees of the rainforest in Brazil

Role Models & Inspirations
my mom, brother and loud confident women with REAL curves

Favorite Food(s)
ying-yang rice, ningoh

Hobbies & Skills
dance, specifically tap dancing. Also, I have a double jointed thumb and I can do the lawn mower dance.

Why did you join LCC?
to show others the issues Asian-Americans face yet at the same time entertain and relieve them of their daily stress b/c that's what the first show did to me...I learned and I laughed

What did you learn or gain from LCC?
in order to learn new things, you must try out new things. Only with experience then can we begin to learn.

Random Thoughts
"Shame on the soul to falter on the road of life while the body still perseveres. "

"...when God intends to make a city desolate, he inspires evil in one of its men."

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