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Ray Lai

Generation 6
Major: Sociology
Career Aspirations
Make enough money to eat, stay warm, and care of those I love

Role Models & Inspirations
Bruce Lee, Jason Lee, Kevin Smith, John Cusack, Dan the Automator, Transformers, Spike Jonze

Favorite Food(s)

Hobbies & Skills
Guitar, bass guitar, drums, turntables, Cupoeira, recording, Stereotype, SouLtron, reading comics, collecting toys, vinyl, watching movies

Why did you join LCC?
I liked what they did for the college campus. They entertain and they provide a means for a creative outlet for dumb guys like me.

What did you learn or gain from LCC?
I learned that there are some damn talented people on this campus and that I could fool them all and worm my way in.

Random Thoughts
Live your life, find your passion, don't take you frustrations out upon those who don't deserve it, handle your stress, handle your sh**, and hold on to the ones you love until your arms fall off, then have them sewn back on and do it again.

NOTE: Credits section for cast members before Generation 7 might be incomplete.

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