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Renato Quilalang

Generation 4
Major: Asian American Studies
Career Aspirations
feature film writer/director/producer

Role Models & Inspirations

Favorite Food(s)
anything that is inexpensive or free and makes that awful pain in my stomach go away (I think that?s called hunger)

Hobbies & Skills
reading, writing, doodling, singing, beatboxing, eating (when I can afford it), video games (when I?m bored of the other stuff that I like to do)

Why did you join LCC?
The question is, why not? Actually, I the scene, "Imminent Collision", which I saw performed twice, was the reason I wanted to join LCC. Randy Park and Betty Yoon were just dope in that scene.

What did you learn or gain from LCC?
Well, I learned how to write and act, skills of mine that were not readily apparent when I auditioned. I also learned not to trust a big butt and a smile, a lesson I should have learned back in the early nineties from Bell Biv Devoe.

Random Thoughts
If I wanted to start my life over from scratch, would I have to make all-new friends? And I don't mean "make" them as in creating them like Frankenstein, but "make" as in meet and nurture relationships with all-new people? I only ask because I really, really like the friends I have now. Oh, and if I start my life over again, do I have to wear diapers? Not that I would if you said Yes. I was just wondering.

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