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Larry Katata

Generation 3
Major: Asian American Studies / Japanese
Career Aspirations
somewhere in the field of entertainment, striving to create more positive roles for Asian Americans

Role Models & Inspirations
My friends and family (I know it's corny, but it's true)

Favorite Food(s)
Anything good and satisfying

Hobbies & Skills
Finding ways to stay in college longer...doh! Nah, college is fun!

Why did you join LCC?
I saw one of LCC's performances my freshman year and I remember I was so in awe and impressed that I left specifically thinking there was no way I could ever do anything like that. In my sophomore year, there were auditions and the thought never occurred to me that I should go. But one day, one of my friends in LCC told me to audition and because I had nothing better to do, I just went for thehell of it. A week or two later, I got a call and found out I got in. I couldn?t believe it.

What did you learn or gain from LCC?
Beyond the experience of acting/directing/producing, I think more lasting was the friendships and the memories I made. I can't imagine being in LCC without these talented and crazy bunch of people who I've come to know over the years. They've made me laugh, smile, create, cheer, cry, laugh some more, then proceed to make me cry, and then smile again...all at the SAME TIME!! It's kinda hard to explain...try to imagine all the shiny happy moments in your life which made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, emotions welling up and making you feel so great and wonderful that it brought a little tear to your try to grab each and every one of those moments and bring them together tightly with your hands as if you were to make a ball...slowly open your hands and see what you have. What you have there, for me, is LCC. I know this sounds all cheezy, but it's the truth. I promise!

Random Thoughts

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