lcc theatre company


Tiffany Hue

Generation 26
Year: 3rd
Major: Anthropology
Minor: Film
Why did you join LCC?
I decided I was too old to be recording standup monologues on my iPad so I chose to share my talent with a group of people only slightly funnier than me.

Hobbies & Skills
Third wheeling, being allergic to cats, performing Careless Whisper at karaoke, writing jokes about Catholicism.

If you were to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Avocado. I’m from San Francisco.

Where are you the most ticklish?
I refuse to admit to feeling anything ever (I’m a Sagittarius)

Who would you be and what would you do, if you can be someone else for an hour?
I would be Lorne Michaels so I could cast more BIPOC comedians in SNL (including myself)

What movie would you like to be trapped in?
Scott Pilgrim, so I can drop kick him and elope with Ramona Flowers.

What would the autobiographical movie of your life be called and which celebrity will play you?
“Catholic Guilt” and I would be played by Nick Kroll in a wig. (also i had no idea what u meant by silly pic sooooo if u need a diff one please text)

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