lcc theatre company


Manyee Lieu

Generation 2
Major: Psychology
Minor: Education
Career Aspirations
I am still "pre-op" and saving money for my operation. I want to be the prettiest import car model in all of the San Gabriel Valley, I also want to change my full name to "Miso" (Because Miso horny!)

Role Models & Inspirations
All the Human Rights & Gay Advocates, Ru-Paul because she is FIERCE, my Mom because she's an independant woman.

Favorite Food(s)
In chronological order.... whitebois, red meat, sashimi, and vodka (the 5th food group)

Hobbies & Skills
Yes, I am very skilled. ;P I like to collect men in my bedroom and model on cars. I love to dance and sleep (around).

Why did you join LCC?
To be in the same room as Randall Park.

What did you learn or gain from LCC?
I gained lasting memories of all the fun, antics and cracked-out things that I did with the new friends I made.

Random Thoughts
Being a mature 25, i've realized that life is too short to hold yourself back and be shy because of all your issues. Build a bridge and get over them. Be impulsive, live life with no regrets, and party like a ROCKSTAR.. because you're going to get hit by a car at 99 Ranch tomorrow.