lcc theatre company


Tina Ngo

Generation 19
Major: Global Studies
Why did you join LCC?
Friends and a creative outlet. I <3 performing

Hobbies & Skills
I like to cook, play League of Legends, and I like to go for walks.

If you were to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Japanese Bento Boxes consisting of an assortment of sashimi selected by the chef, chicken teriyaki with the sauce on the side, salmon teriyaki also with the sauce on the side, salad with some of that Japanese dressing, and miso soup.

Where are you the most ticklish?
Its been for too long since I've been tickled...but my weak spot: bottom of my feet.

Who would you be and what would you do, if you can be someone else for an hour?
Me as a kid. I'd play outside the entire time and not give a F***.

What movie would you like to be trapped in?
The Kid's Are Alright: Same-sex parents, Silverlake, organic produce, drinking wine, a cozy home, smart kids and Mark Ruffalo. Woof.

What would the autobiographical movie of your life be called and which celebrity will play you?
"An Unquenchable Thirst" starring Mason Lee.

Tina has directed...
Tina has acted...