lcc theatre company


Phoebe Singer

Generation 18
Major: Theatre
Why did you join LCC?
To make friends with wily coyotes! And to make sweet, sweet, passionate theatre.

Hobbies & Skills
Acting, singing, writing, filmmaking, skiing and hiking. Add to this a healthy dose of video games and tumblr, and you essentially have the whole picture.

If you were to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Dim sum. Just, in general, I could eat that all day.

Where are you the most ticklish?
I see through this evil ruse. A true superhero never divulges their weakness so easily.

Who would you be and what would you do, if you can be someone else for an hour?
A dog! I wonder if they're really as blissfully happy at all times as they seem... plus, I've always wanted to chase a mailman without just getting a restraining order.

What movie would you like to be trapped in?
"Grand Hotel" (1932)

What would the autobiographical movie of your life be called and which celebrity will play you?
"Phoebe Jeebies." Jennifer Aniston starring.

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