lcc theatre company


Hannah Lee

Generation 9
Major: Psychology
Minor: Asian Am.
Career Aspirations
Counseling Psychology/Social Work, then Business/Marketing/PR or HR. But really, I just wanna do something interesting that I'm passionate about and good at...make good money and do good things for people, starting with my family & unprivileged.

Role Models & Inspirations
my Unnee, Umma, Mother Theresa, Max Lucado, Jenni, and anyone who's seized their day with gusto.

Favorite Food(s)
Italian, Korean, Vietnamese, Mexican. Really, anything clean, simple, and yummy. cold & sweet tickles my fancy quite a bit too.

Hobbies & Skills
dreams, music, reading, eating, writing...conversating, being random, art (history), fashion/design, exploring, overanalyzing, hoping, caring, helping, and people.

Why did you join LCC?
I wanted to be part of something meaningful, challenging, creative, crazy, and fun where I could meet amazing artists, grow as a human being, and expand my mind, heart, and spirit.

And all the cool people at UCLA do it. ^_^

What did you learn or gain from LCC?
So far? Friends, fun, food, laughs, and lap dances ^_^ I mean... CLAP dances. yes, asian american clap dancing. put hands together now!

Random Thoughts
If you want me to, I'll walk with you.
All the way. No, it doesn't matter where we're goin.

Hannah has assistant directed...
Hannah has acted...