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Jeff Ignacio

Generation 8
Major: Economics
Minor: Cognitive Science
Career Aspirations
I love the idea of making the world more productive, cooperative, and innovative. I work in technology and constantly try to find the best ways to make my team members and customers feel valued and special.

Role Models & Inspirations
My parents, grandfather, MLK, and John Wooden.

Favorite Food(s)
Gotta go with Japanese food: izakaya, yakitori, shabu shabu, teriyaki, sushi, ramen, on and on and on!

Hobbies & Skills
I can dougie and play Sudoku until I'm blue in the face

Why did you join LCC?
It's nutty because I've always wanted to audition for such a long time, and I finally did. I loved the past shows and wanted to be a part of that experience. Plus, entertaining people is just plain fun!

What did you learn or gain from LCC?
LCC was an incredible experience in showmanship, humility, hardwork, empathy, sympathy, and adventurism. Hands down one of the best things I ever joined at UCLA.

Random Thoughts
G8 for life!

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