lcc theatre company



LCC's main goal is to promote a voice for Asian American creative expression. By encouraging college students with ties to the Asian American community to express themselves through writing, theatre, improvisation, music, video and other forms of media, LCC strives to increase the visibility of Asian Americans as well as debunk stereotypes that may influence negative perceptions of the community.


To achieve its goals, LCC promotes cooperative collaboration amongst its members. With a freedom to create and be themselves, LCC members observe, listen and learn from their fellow members and therefore expand the way they think creatively. Such teamwork provides an example of how Asian Americans can band together and work toward a greater good.


LCC finds tremendous joy in its creative expression, and hopes that its audiences share in the same joy as well. In LCC, we hope to unlock the creativity within us all and learn more about ourselves in the process by providing a fun and educational environment for our audiences and ourselves.

Since its inception in 1995, Lapu, the Coyote that Cares Theatre Company continues to maintain its commitment to providing students a venue to write, direct, and act in their own works. From its simple origin as a small writing group, LCC has grown to become the largest Asian American college theater group in the country, boasting a cast of over thirty and performing for thousands of audience members every year. Based at UCLA, LCC strives to uphold its resolution to promote and mature culturally diverse talents through the arts.

Aside from performing every quarter for packed houses around campus, LCC has also made appearances at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, the University of California at Irvine, and has been an award-winning entrant in various theater competitions. On occasion, our audiences have included such notables such as Tamlyn Tomita (The Joy Luck Club, The Karate Kid Part II), Tzi Ma (Rush Hour, Martial Law), Freda Shen (Mulan), Jason Tobin (Yellow), and other members of the entertainment industry.

LCC consists primarily of students and young professionals from various backgrounds, majors, and ethnicities who have come together through a common love for performing. Unlike other companies that perform established works, LCC's repertoire consists entirely of original scripts, with each show standing as an exhibition of new writers and material. Initially producing plays and short scenes, LCC has since expanded its scope to include film and video, dance, improvisational comedy, spoken word, and visual art. Recently, members of LCC have resurrected the company's original focus as a writing group by establishing Writer's Block. On top of providing a forum for writers to develop their work, Writer's Block also produces the quarterly 'zine, Asian Fetish, to provide a space for artists and writers of prose and poetry.

The variety of our program makes LCC a popular and versatile group both on and off campus. With every new season, LCC strives to enrich itself and its audiences in the arts by provoking, educating, and reflecting the social issues that are relevant to today's emerging generation.